Account Administrators

An Account Administrator is a specific type of user within Alchemer and has administrative capabilities that general Alchemer users do not.

By default, each Alchemer account has one Account Administrator.

How do I know if I am an Account Administrator?

If you have an Alchemer CE account, the user that purchased the account is the Account Administrator.

For an Alchemer Enterprise Account, the simplest option is to access your Account menu when logged into Alchemer. An Account Administrator has access to several menu options (depending on License) that a general user cannot access (highlighted below).

  • Under Account > Summary, Account Administrators will have visibility into account-wide details including Your Account, Projects, and Account-wide Usage.

  • Under Account>Summary, as well as Account>User Management, Alchemer Enterprise Admins will also have access to manage Users.

  • Under Account>Settings, Account Administrators can set Account Defaults as well as Share, Security, and Compliance settings. 

Account Settings

  • Admins will also have access to Billing under the Account menu.
  • Finally, admins will have access to a number of items under the Integrations menu that non-admin users do not.

If you are an Account Administrator on an Alchemer Enterprise account and want to determine whether your account has additional admins, you can view this information under Account > User Management > Users. Admin users are indicated by the star symbol on the main user screen.

Administrative permissions are indicated with a star

If you have purchased additional admin seats, you can assign admin privileges to an existing user by clicking on the user and selecting Account Admin under Permissions.

What can Account Administrators do?

There are a number of tasks and options that only Account Administrators have access to. These are listed below.

Update Account Contact and Billing Information

Account Administrators can update account contact and billing information if needed. Learn more here.

Add and Manage Licenses and Users

Within Alchemer Enterprise accounts, Account Administrators can purchase and manage user licenses. Admins can also add new users and manage user permissions (depending on Plan level).

Create and Manage Email Lists

Email Lists are available to Account Admins via the Account menu. Here, admins can upload and manage contact lists for recurring use in Email Campaigns.

Pay and Manage Invoices

Via Account > Billing, Account Administrators can pay, download, print, or email invoices. Learn more here.

Configure Integrations

Admins can connect their Alchemer accounts to external applications such as Salesforce, LMS, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Stripe, Google, Custom Email Settings (SMTP, DKIM & SPF) and more (Integrations available are dependent on plan level).

Manage Account Settings

Account Administrators have access to a number of account settings such as setting up Branded Subdomains, Private Domains, or Intercept Beacons. They also have the ability to manage and restrict API access.

Download a List of All Projects

Via the Alchemer Dashboard, Account Administrators can download a list of all surveys on the account.

Delete Folders

Only Account Administrators can delete folders from the Alchemer home page.

Permanently Delete Data

Account Admins are able to permanently delete:

Configure a Data Retention Policy (DRP)

Within Alchemer, the Data Retention Policy (DRP) Settings allow Account Administrators to specify how long survey responses should be retained.

Perform Survey Transfers

Account Administrators have the ability to initiate and execute survey transfers between accounts (including between data centers - US, EU, and CA).

Revoke Other Users' Ability to Grant Support Access

Users must grant access to Alchemer Support Staff before support can access their Alchemer Account. Account Administrators can revoke this ability for other users on their account.

User Data Fields & Questions

Only Account Administrators can configure User Data Fields for their account. They are also able to add User Data questions to a survey to utilize the created data fields.

Require Multi-factor Authentication for All Users on the Account

Account Administrators can enable account-wide Multi-factor Authentication via Account > Summary > Security and Compliance. Visit the Multi-factor Authentication documentation for setup instructions.

Require Shared Reports to be Password Protected

Account Administrators can require all shared reports to be Password Protected or Only Accessible to Logged-in Alchemer users via Security > Settings. Visit the Password Protect Shared Reports documentation for details. 

Change Account Administrator Email

You may at times need to update the email address associated with the Account Administrator. You have several options for this. Learn more  about changing your Account Administrator .

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