New Articles

  1. Alchemer Workflow Domo Initiator

    Initiate a Workflow using a Domo Dataset Alert and then pass any information from Domo into Alchemer Workflow.
  2. Alchemer Release Notes: May 2024

    Alchemer Survey  Improvements  [Update - crosstab reporting] -  Hidden values are now selectable within  crosstab  reports and elements.  [Update - crosstab reporting] -  Contextual help  added &n...
  3. Alchemer Survey Klaviyo Integration

    Pull data from Klaviyo profiles into Alchemer or push survey data from Alchemer into Klaviyo profiles.
  4. How to Find and Return Contacts from Microsoft Dynamics

    Alchemer's integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to easily push survey data from Alchemer into Dynamics to update contacts or pull data from Dynamics contact records into Alchemer.
  5. Alchemer Release Notes: April 2024

    April release notes for all Alchemer products.
  6. MAUI Plugin Guide for iOS and Android

    This guide will walk you through the process of integrating the Plugin.Maui.Apptentive iOS and Android SDKs into your MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) app.
  7. How to Find and Return or Update a Salesforce Contact

    Pull data from Salesforce contact records into Alchemer or push survey data from Alchemer into Salesforce contact records.
  8. How to Stop a Workflow

    To stop respondents from moving through a workflow, either for all respondents or just a particular group of respondents, add a Stop Step.
  9. How to Delay Workflow Steps

    Sometimes it is advantageous to add a delay in between workflow steps. This helps to stagger workflow steps and creates a more natural experience for recipients.
  10. Using Logic in a Workflow

    Like Alchemer Survey, If/Else Logic can be applied to workflows in Alchemer Workflow. If/Else Logic orchestrates what subsequent steps are taken according to defined conditions.