New Articles

  1. Alchemer Community Undergoing Maintenance

    Alchemer Community is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance to provide the best user experience possible. Don't worry, there are several options currently available to help users build out solutions and projects in the meantime! Alchemer H...
  2. Whitelisting Alchemer IP Addresses and Domains

    Sometimes you may run into deliverability issues and may need to whitelist Alchemer domains or IP addresses to help resolve this issue.
  3. Low Vision Mode

    Part of Alchemer's updates to make survey taking accessible to all respondents, Low Vision Mode allows survey respondents to increase contrast ratios, font sizes, and font weight.
  4. Leading Practices: Textbox Vs. Essay Which Question Type Should I Use?

    Generally speaking, we recommend using textbox questions to collect a single word or short sentence response. Use essay questions to collect a paragraph or two of text.
  5. Survey Building FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips

    Alchemer's Build tab offers endless options for both creating and customizing your survey questions. Explore this FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions surrounding the Build tab.
  6. Billing FAQs

    The Billing section of Alchemer is accessible to Account Administrator users. How often will I get billed? Alchemer offers Annual Billing.
  7. System Requirements for Using Alchemer

    Using an outdated browser, specifically a browser that does not support TLS (Transport Socket Layer) 1.2, exposes you to security flaws that put you, your data, and our system at risk.
  8. Leading Practices: How to Build Accessible Surveys

    Accessible surveys are designed to be accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability. There are two requirements for a survey to be accessible.
  9. Reports and Exports FAQs and Troubleshooting

    Common questions and troubleshooting tips for Alchemer's various report/export types, including: Crosstab Comparison Report TURF Report Profile Report Fall-Off Statistics CSV/Excel Export SPSS Export Bulk PDF Export...
  10. Individual Responses FAQs and Troubleshooting

    Find answers to common questions and explore troubleshooting tips concerning your survey's Individual Responses tab.