New Articles

  1. Use Case: Improve Customer Onboarding Process

    Learn how Alchemer Workflow can help improve customer onboarding programs and better engage new customers.
  2. Use Case: Understand Why You Win or Lose Deals

    Learn how Alchemer Workflow can help improve your win/loss analysis strategy and drive effective product positioning, enablement, and messaging.
  3. Use Case: Better Understand Customer Churn

    Learn how Alchemer Workflow can help you target at-risk customers and mitigate customer churn.
  4. Quantum Metric Session Replay Link (Beta)

    This document describes how Alchemer Mobile exposes survey reporting UI with Quantum Metric (also QM) session replay link.
  5. Alchemer Workflow Jira Initiator

    The Alchemer Workflow Jira initiator provides Product and Technology Teams with an integrated solution to incorporate detailed and customizable feedback surveys into their ticket management processes.
  6. Alchemer Workflow ServiceNow Initiator

    With this integration, events that occur ServiceNow can automatically trigger targeted customer feedback Workflows, enabling you to gather valuable customer feedback at key touch points.
  7. Alchemer Workflow Hubspot Initiator

    This initiator pairs Alchemer’s robust Workflow and survey functionality with HubSpot's diverse suite of capabilities.
  8. Alchemer Workflow Oracle Cloud Initiator

    The Alchemer Workflow Oracle Cloud initiator merges Alchemer’s versatile workflow and survey capabilities with Oracle Cloud's comprehensive infrastructure and service management system.
  9. Alchemer Workflow Greenhouse Initiator

    The Greenhouse initiator blends Alchemer’s robust Workflow and survey capabilities with Greenhouse's comprehensive HR and recruiting management system.
  10. Alchemer Release Notes: October 30, 2023

    Release notes for the October 30th Alchemer Survey and Workflow product release.