Using Alchemer Help Documentation

In this tutorial we will cover how to take advantage of Alchemer's Need Help menu to get the answers you need, when you need them.

Wherever you are in the application, the Need Help? option will be available to you. 

Searching the Help Homepage

Clicking Need Help? will provides users with an option to search Alchemer Help Documentation resources.

The Search bar will be readily available as soon as you click Need Help.

Search Help & Community

Type in your question or search term and click Search or press enter. You will be navigated to the search results.

Using the Help  Search

The search will return results from our Documentation and API & Scripting resources. Use the tabs at the top to narrow down the results to the resources you wish to reference.

When you find a documentation article or community conversation that looks like it will answer your question, simply click it. It will open in a new tab or window (this depends on your browser's settings).

Using Documentation

Remember you also have the help documentation as a resource to answer your questions. To access the help documentation, click Need Help. You can use the available search bar to search Documentation and Community content or click on suggested documentation articles from the Most Common Questions for this Area section.

If you prefer to access the Documentation Homepage directly, click No, show additional support options in answer to the Does this solve your problem question within the Need Help menu.

You will then see your Additional Help Options. Click Search Documentation to navigate to the Documentation Homepage.

Having trouble finding the Documentation homepage? Here's the link:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to browse our most popular articles for your answer or check out our new articles. You will also see some new-user content via the First Time Here section.

Using Documentation Category Pages

Some help categories will have sub-categories. For example, there's a lot to do with building your survey, so the Build category is broken down into eleven sub-categories. The first 5 articles will be listed below the category and you can click the See More option to view a more comprehensive list.

Click the sub-category header to view the full list of articles. Use the breadcrumb navigation links to return to where you came from.

Using Articles

Within a help article there are a number of different tools to help get you the answer you are looking for. The In This Article widget in the right-hand column is designed to help you orient yourself within the article. If you're looking for a quick answer we recommend scanning the sections of the article here. You can click these links to jump to a section.

In This Article

The Available on These Licenses widget will list the licenses in which the feature is available. If you accessed the help from within the application, we'll display your license for reference.

Available on these Plans & Licenses

Sometimes an article may highlight multiple features, in which case further detail is needed. In these cases, you will see a See License Grid link within the Available on These Licenses section. The link will take you to a grid that will further break-down the licenses/accounts needed to access the features described:

License Grid At times you will see that a feature is included in a license i.e Standard, Market Research, or Full Access. Other times, you may see that something is included in Individual or Team & Enterprise accounts - meaning that all paid licenses types have access, regardless of account type.

If the article did not answer your exact question, check out the Related Articles at the bottom of the article as we often have multiple articles on a given feature.

Related Articles

At the bottom of each article we have a quick five-star rating to collect your feedback. You can also leave a comment and we'll follow up just as soon as we can. Send us feedback! We're constantly working to improve our documentation; your feedback really helps!

Leave a Comment

The Share This Article widget has tools to either download (PDF) or email the article link to a friend or colleague.

Worried that the article is out of date? Check the Last Updated date and time.

Article Author, Sharing Options, and Last Updated Date

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Contacting Support

Finally, if you've had no luck finding your answer, reach out to our Support Heroes via email or phone. Learn more about contacting support.

Premium SupportAvailable to:
24/7 Phone Support & Priority EmailNew Account Managed Account Administrators (additional Premium Support seats can be purchased)
Standard Support Available to:
Standard Email
Alchemer users with the following licenses:
CollaboratorProfessionalFull Access
Standard Phone Support
(8am - 4pm MT)
Mon - Fri
Alchemer users with the following licenses:
ProfessionalFull Access

@plans @grid

Basic Standard Market Research HR Professional Full Access Reporting
Free Individual Team & Enterprise
Feature Included In