Alchemer Support

The Alchemer Support team is available to help our customers, and supports all products:
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Support Hours

Alchemer Support Heroes are here to help you during the following hours:


Submit a ticket anytime day or night.
Email support is available 24/7


US-based Standard Phone Support is available 6 AM - 6 PM MT (Mon-Fri) for accounts based on the US and Canada services.

Standard Phone Support is available 6 AM - 6 PM Central European Time (CET) for accounts based on the European service.

Phone Support is only available for customers on Annual Plans. 

Billing Support:

Billing inquiries can be submitted via email. Our Finance team is available 9am - 5pm MT (Mon-Fri).

Alchemer Survey and Alchemer Workflow Support 

When contacting Alchemer Support you'll most likely want to grant support access to the Support team to log into your account. Doing so in advance will save potential back-and-forth and get you a speedier resolution to your question!

In order to access your help options or to contact support, log in to your Alchemer account and click Help in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will provide you with a couple of instant options for help.

Check Documentation for Help

We suggest trying a quick search of our Documentation databases for the answer to your question. Type in a search term into the provided field and once you click Search or enter, a new tab/window will open with the search results.

The search will scour all Alchemer Documentation site threads:

Search Alchemer Help Content

If you prefer not to search, we have provided a list of Common Questions for this Area (with links to relevant articles) below the search bar. Click on any of the links to open the associated help documentation.

Note: The list of Common Question for this Area is dynamically updated depending on the page that you access Need Help from. If you click on Need Help from the Build tab, you will see a different list of suggestions than if you click on Need Help from the Share tab.

Most Common Questions for this Area

If the help modal has provided you with the answer to your question, click Yes to close the modal and continue working on your survey. If your question has not been addressed by the help content, click No, show additional support options to proceed.

Show Additional Support Options

Click No within the Does this solve your problem section will present you with all of the help avenues that are available to your account as well as the estimated wait times for each avenue.

Here, you can once again access our documentation content by clicking Search Documentation. You can also explore our upcoming free webinars and trainings by clicking View Training & Webinars.

Search Documentation or View Training & Webinars

Submit a Support Ticket (Email Support)

You can email us anytime day or night; we'll respond in 1 business day. To send an email click Need Help. If you prefer not to search for an answer, click No, show additional support options.

On the next page, click Submit a Ticket within the Email / Submit a Ticket section.

Start by indicating the area of the Alchemer application you need help with:

  • Survey Building
  • Survey Themes
  • Survey Taking
  • Email Invitations
  • Viewing Responses
  • Reporting & Exporting
  • Account Billing
  • API/Custom Questions
  • Other

Next, we ask you "Which survey(s) do you need assistance with?" This helps us to hit the ground running on your issue. You can provide the survey link, title, or IDs.

In the How can we help field? Enter your task or the problem you are trying to solve and click Next.

Indicate how quickly you would like a response: 

  • I have a question, but no rush!
  • I have a question that I need answered quickly!
  • Panic Button: I've got an emergency! Help!

As the big pink warning explains, if you would like for our support hero to access your account in order to best help with your request you'll need to give us permission to do so. 

Confirm that your description is correct and contains details that will enable our support heroes to help. Also double check the email address that we will reply to and correct it if necessary.

When you are finished, click Submit.

Phone Support

Depending on your account type/account location and user role within that account, different phone support options are available.

Standard Phone Support

All non-Administrator Users on the below account types will have access to Standard Phone Support (6am - 6pm MT Mon-Fri):

  • Account Managed accounts
  • Non-Account Managed Alchemer accounts (with the exception of Collaborator)

European Phone Support

All non-Administrator Users on the below account types within the EU Data Center will have access to EuropeanStandard Phone Support (6am - 6pm CET Mon-Fri):

  • Account Managed accounts
  • Non-Account Managed Alchemer accounts (with the exception of Collaborator)

Accessing Phone Support

To access your Phone Support options, click the Need Help option in the upper right of your account. If the suggested help articles do not address your question, click No, show additional support options to navigate to the next page.

Under the Phone Support section you will see a phone number and your access code. Dial the number for your datacenter (US or EU) and provide the account ID when prompted to connect with one of our Support Heroes.

Alchemer Supports Listed Users on Accounts

The Alchemer Support Team is deeply invested in maintaining the security and integrity of customers' accounts and data.  Via our Terms and Conditions of Service, Alchemer support team members work only with users whose name is present as a username on an account.  For ease of service and account security, Alchemer recommends having the first and last name of users on an account always up to date in the Name field found in the Profile and Settings menu located in the top right corner of the application when the circular icon is clicked.

Our team may also identify customers by the email address that is used to log into the application.  For tracking purposes and for data security, cases submitted from the Help menu in the application sends receipts and replies to a username email address. To ensure replies for support cases arrive to the appropriate user on an account, Alchemer recommends making username-specific email addresses for users within an account, rather than a group email address.

Service Notifications

From time to time Alchemer will post service notifications within the Need Help menu, e.g. holiday related service updates.

Alchemer Mobile Help and Support

The process for contacting support and getting help in the Alchemer Mobile dashboard is different than the process to do so in the Alchemer Survey and Alchemer Workflow dashboard.

There are a few ways to get help and contact support through the Alchemer Mobile dashboard: 

1. In the bottom right hand corner of the dashboard is a speech bubble with a white heart in the middle. Click on this icon to open the "Contact Us" dialog box. Here you can get in touch with the Alchemer Mobile team to provide feedback or ask questions. After submitting your feedback or question, a member of the Alchemer support team will reach out to you. 

2. You can also access Alchemer Mobile help documentation through the Alchemer Mobile dashboard. Navigate to the "Settings" tab on the top navigation. Then on the left hand menu click on "Documentation." This will take you to the Alchemer Mobile help documentation. 

Leading Practices and FAQs

Want to see how to take projects from good to great? Check out our Leading Practice & FAQ Home Page!

Scripting and Other Custom Solutions

We’re always happy to help you debug any documented script that is used as is. That said, we do not have the resources to write scripts on demand or to debug a customized script.

If you have customization ideas that you haven't figured out how to tackle, we're happy to be a sounding board for Alchemer features and functionality ideas that might meet your needs. Beyond this, check out our Professional Services; these folks have the scripting chops to help you to achieve what you are looking for!

Standard Support Available to:
(Browse, Ask & Answer)
Standard Email
Alchemer users with the following licenses:
CollaboratorProfessionalFull Access
Standard Phone Support
(6am - 6pm MT)
Mon - Fri

European Phone Support is available for European  accounts from 6 AM - 6 PM CET

Alchemer users with the following licenses:
ProfessionalFull Access

@plans @grid

Basic Standard Market Research HR Professional Full Access Reporting
Free Individual Team & Enterprise
Feature Included In