Multi-User Accounts


Account Administrators
An Account Administrator is a specific type of user within Alchemer and has administrative capabilities that general Alchemer users do not.
Add and Delete Users
The user management system allows Alchemer account administrators to manage users' licenses, surveys, and permissions.
Manage Teams and User Role Permissions
Teams are an organizational tool to help you manage your users and surveys. Once you assign a survey to a team, it's only visible to users on that team. This can help you with keeping your surveys se
Allowing and Restricting Survey Access in Multi-User Accounts
For Team & Enterprise Accounts, the easiest way to allow a user access to a given survey is to assign them to the team that that survey is assigned to. Because surveys are owned by teams and users ar
Identify Who Created a Survey
To access table view click the table icon in the upper-left corner of your survey list. Click the Columns link in the upper-right corner survey list. Select the checkbox for Created by and click Save.
Comment Mode: Leave Comments for Others
Using Comment Mode, you can collaborate with others to ensure that you are asking the questions you need to ask to get the data you need.
Restrict API Access
The Alchemer API (Application Programming Interface) is used to integrate Alchemer into just about anything. Account admins can restrict access to the API altogether or restrict specific types
User Access Logs
Do you need to see what users are doing in your Alchemer account? As an account administrator you can review user access logs for all activity in your account under Account > User Management...
Manage User Licenses
As an Account Administrator for a Team & Enterprise Account, you have the ability to manage the user licenses that you have purchased for your account.
Stakeholder User License
The stakeholder user license is designed to create a login for coworkers and stakeholders to access reports. These users will not be able to build surveys in your account.
User Data Fields
User Data Fields allow Account Administrators on Team & Enterprise accounts to include additional information about users on their Alchemer account.
Reporting License
The Reporting license is available for Alchemer Account Managed accounts. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more. The Reporting License is not available for   individual accounts   in the Alchemer Platform. The Reporting licen...