Download a List of All Projects/Surveys in Your Account

If you are looking for a list of all surveys/projects in your account, click the Download Survey List link in the top-right corner of your Home Page/Dashboard. A CSV file will be downloaded. 

Please note this option is available for Account Administrator users only.

Download Survey List

The Survey List includes the following fields (columns):

  • Survey ID
  • Survey Name
  • Survey Type: Standard Survey, Quiz, Form, or Poll
  • Folder ID
  • Created: Date and time survey was created.
  • Date_Closed: Date and time survey was closed.
  • LastActivity: Date and time of last response.
  • UserName: Name of user who created the project
  • UserEmail: Email of user who created the project
  • TeamNames
  • Status: Open, Closed, Deleted, Archived
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