Real-time Reports and Exports

Note: the Standard Report automatically updates with new responses and does not require appending the shared URL.

Important Notes About the Data That Displays in Your Standard Report

  • The initial indexing of responses might take a few moments. Click the link to View a Snapshot link if you simply cannot wait to jump in.
  • Once your report has loaded, there will be a 1 to 5-minute caching delay on pulling new responses or edits to responses.
  • Old test data, that is, test data that was created prior to the release of the Standard Report (03/22/2015) will not display in your report.

Standard Report: New Responses Loading

Updating Other Reports to Show New Responses

All of our other reports and exports do not automatically update in real-time as respondents submit responses, this includes the Legacy Summary Report, Profile Report, Comparison Report, Crosstab Report, and TURF Reports. However, we do have a way for shared links to reports/exports to update when they are viewed. Please note this will only work on shared links, not embedded reports.

If you share a link to a report, you can append &realtime=true to the end of the link and it will update when the link loads.

A link to a report would look like this:

To keep all customers' Reports and Exports running as smoothly as possible, there are some limitations:

  1. This will only refresh a report once every 15 minutes.
  2. If you have more than 20,000 responses, then realtime=true will not work.
  3. This only works on links to reports/exports, it will not work on an embed.
If an export or report stops working properly when using realtime=true, refresh the report/export manually within the platform before you can use the realtime=true URL variable.

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