Share and Download

Discover the options for sharing your Standard Report.


Share, Email, Embed, or Schedule a Report
Our report sharing features allow you to share results with your customers, clients, colleagues, and stakeholders as soon as responses start rolling in! You can also set up a schedule for a report...
Standard Report Downloads: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF
Once you are finished customizing your report you might want to download the entire report. Standard Reports can be downloaded as a PDF or as an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document.
Report Downloads: Insert Page Breaks and Page Numbers
When exporting a PDF version of a Standard Report, you can choose these options: Insert a page break after each question, Include page numbers, Include lists of open text answers
Real-time Reports and Exports
If you share a link to a report, you can append &realtime=true to the end of the link and it will update when the link loads.
Password Protect Shared Reports
Report builders can add Password Protection to Shared Reports to add another layer of security for their data. To add Password Protection to a report, select Password Protected from the Who can see this report  dropdown menu. This will prompt ...