Build Workarounds

We're constantly creating content based on your questions. Check out these survey build workarounds if you are looking to makes tweaks to your survey that are not available using our survey builder.


Show or Hide Paragraphs of Text
If your survey has long descriptive text elements with many paragraphs of information, you can use this piece of JavaScript to create a link to show more or less of the text.
Using Continuous Sum Total Later in Survey
There isn't a built in way to use the total of the Continuous Sum question in another question. Fret not! There's a custom script for that! In this tutorial we'll show you how to use a custom script to populate a hidden value so that you can use t...
Add N/A Option to Multi Image Select Question
The image selection question does not allow you to have an N/A Exclusive option. This tutorial will walk you through adding an exclusive option where no other images can be selected if the N/A option is selected.  Check it out in a survey here:  C...
Maintaining Randomization Order Across Questions
In this tutorial we'll show you how to use a script to maintain randomization order for images in Image Choice questions. We'll cover how to do so with image questions on the same page and image questions on separate pages. This script also stores...
URL Redirect: Breaking Out of an iFrame
Are you using an iframe embed to share a survey on your website? Are you also wanting to redirect respondents to another website once they have completed your survey? If so, this tip is for you! How does the URL Redirect work now? URL redirect in ...
Disable the Enter Key in Your Survey
We strongly recommend only using this feature in a controlled environment, because disabling the enter key will render the survey un-completable for screen reader and keyboard-only users.  When you have survey pages with open text fields, it's po...
Hide Other Textbox Until Other Option is Clicked
In this tutorial we'll cover how to display an Other Textbox in a Radio Button or Checkbox question only after the associated answer option has been clicked.
Target a Specific Page with the Back Button
Though this is not a built-in feature, we do have a script for that! In our survey below if you hit the back button you will be sent to the Thank You Page.
Show a Number of Randomly Selected Pages from a Survey
As part of our core randomization options, you have the ability to display x number of random questions on the page. Unfortunately, there is not a built-in way to do the same with pages in a survey.
Deselect a Radio Button
Browsers do not allow for a radio button option to be de-selected - use this JavaScript that will allow respondents to click their answer to deselect it!
Use a Radio Button Grid to Combine Rating Statements
The Likert Scale is a great option for rating a single statement but sometimes you need to rate several statements across the same scale. Consider combining the separate statements into a grid format.
Calculate Age From Birthday
This JavaScript will calculate age from the date of birth entered in an open-text field.
Make an Image Appear for a Specified Amount of Time
We do not have a built-in feature for making an image disappear after a certain amount of time. This JavaScript will allow you to only show an image for a certain amount of time.  Check it out in an example survey ! OR Add a survey with this s...
Disable Radio Button Question Once Option is Selected
This JavaScript will allow you to disable a question once an answer is selected. This comes in handy if you would like to prevent your users from changing their answers.
Use Signature Question Later in Survey
This script will allow you to use a signature question's input later in a survey. Check it out in an example survey ! OR Add a survey with this setup to your account! Setup First set up your signature question. On a following page that you w...
Show Pages Based off a Drag & Drop Ranking
In this tutorial we will go over an example script for conditionally showing pages based on the option that is rated highest and/or lowest in a Drag & Drop Ranking question. These steps assume a basic familiarity with Alchemer and programming. Chec...
Change Survey Header Image via a URL Variable
This JavaScript will allow you to change your survey's header image via a URL Variable*. This can come in handy if you'd like to show different target audiences different images. In this example, we changed the header to be a different color logo fo...
Prevent Respondents from Selecting Text
In some circumstances, users do not want their respondents to be able to select text. This tutorial provides some JavaScript to help prevent that.
Drag & Drop and Ranking Grid: Report on Rank Not Row Headers
Both our Drag & Drop Ranking question and our Ranking Grid will report and export on the row headers for each question. The data will consist of aggregated data for each row header and will report an
Record Page Title of Randomized Pages
In this example, we cover a script for recording the page titles in order that they were displayed for each response when using page randomization.
Using Merge Codes in Javascript
You can use Alchemer merge codes in JavaScript actions in your survey. Our servers will replace the merge code with the corresponding value when the page is rendered.
Radio Button Grid: Allow One Answer Per Column
While we have a Ranking Grid question that automatically validates for a single answer per column there are some scenarios where you might wish to apply this to a Radio Button Grid question.
Add Two Continuous Sums into a Third
While there is no built-in functionality to populate a continuous sum question with previous continuous sum questions we have a script to accomplish this!
Radio Button Grid: Only Allow One Selection
Radio Button Grid questions allow a single selection per row. Some customers have requested the ability to allow only a single selection for the entire grid. While we don't have a built-in way to achieve this, you can set this up pretty easily wit...
Record Time Spent On Page or Survey In Milliseconds
If you wish to be more precise by recording the time spent in milliseconds you can do so with a little bit of JavaScript and Custom Scripting.
Swap Columns And Rows Of A Grid Question (Vertical Single Choice)
If you want to display single choice in a Radio Button Grid vertically this JavaScript will do just this but record the data in the same format by row.
Radio Button/Checkbox Grid: Make Other Row Fill-ins Required
This JavaScript will disable and uncheck the other row's answer options unless text has been input in the Other Textbox.
Sort Your Answer Options Alphabetically
The following JavaScript code can take a dropdown menu question and automatically sort the options for you in the browser for all translations.
Show a Random Set of Text/Instruction Fields
You may have noticed that when setting up your survey page to randomly show a set of questions , text/instruction fields are not included! But of course, there's always a way to hack it with some JavaScript, so here we go! Check it out in an exam...
Sum / Add Values in a Survey
Typically, performing mathematic functions in a survey requires custom scripting; however, if you have a few values that you wish to add, you can leverage our Continuous Sum question to achieve this.
Store Past or Future Date and Time
Want to use a future or past date dynamically in a survey? This script adds or subtracts time to/from the current date.
Add a Print Option for Survey Respondents
In this tutorial, we'll cover a workaround that uses the Review Response action in combination with some simple HTML and JavaScript code to add a link for respondents to print from the survey itself.
Limit Characters Entered in Other Textbox
Looking to limit the number of characters that can be entered in an Other Textbox? While we don't have this feature built-in, it's something that can be accomplished with a custom JavaScript.
Cascading Dropdown: Select Option When Only One is Present
If you are using the Cascading Dropdown question and one of your menus has only one option you might want to have the survey automatically select it for your respondents.
Display the Comment Field Above the Question
By default, Comment Fields will display below the question they are added to. This script will display a comment field above a question.
Show a Number of Randomly Selected Rows from a Grid
As part of our core randomization options you have the ability to randomize or shuffle column and row order in a grid question. However, there is not a built-in feature to show a random subset of the rows in your grid question. Fortunately, it's pre...
Setting Continuous Sum Max Total Value Dynamically
Often survey designers are looking to make sure that the continuous sum total matches another value that the respondent entered.
Store Continuous Sum Responses In Hidden Values to Use in Logic Conditions
Using Hidden Values you can store the values entered in your continuous sum question and then use these fields to base your logic off of.
Performing Basic Math Using Scripting: Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide
Do you need to perform basic math within a response? You can do so using our custom scripting.
Update Hidden Values if Answers Are Changed
If you need to ensure that hidden values get updated, use this script.
Create a System Usability Scale (SUS) Questionnaire
The System Usability Scale (SUS) is the most used questionnaire for measuring perceptions of usability.
Set Max Answers to Checkbox Question Dynamically Based on Previous Question Answer
Often survey builders wish to set the maximum answers a respondent can provide to a checkbox question dynamically based on the value entered in a previous Textbox question.
Store Slider Answers in Radio Button Question to Make Available in Quiz Scores, Results Charts, Etc.
You can set up hidden Radio Button questions (which are commonly available throughout the application) to store your Slider values.
Keep Two Answer Options Together When Randomizing Options
When randomizing answer options customers often wish to keep to options together. That is, they wish for the options to randomly move about in the list of all answer options, however, they want...
Create a Master/Benchmark Survey
With the help of Alchemer's Custom Scripting, there is a powerful solution that allows you to create responses in a Master Survey right after they are submitted in another survey.