Use Case: Improve Internal Support Processes

Learn how Alchemer can help elevate the quality of your internal Help Desk and create a stellar employee experience.

Think About It

  1. Do you find it frustrating to hear employees' grievances about your internal help desk, but lack actionable insights necessary to make meaningful improvements?
  2. How do you currently identify areas where the IT team needs to improve? Likewise, how do you identify areas where agents excel? 


  1. Incomplete Feedback Loop: After a ticket is closed, it is extremely challenging for IT leadership to follow-up on the quality and completeness of the ticket resolution, and take necessary follow-up actions.
  2. Lack of Visibility into Agent and Employee Experience: Without feedback from internal employees on the service they received, IT leadership struggles to identify gaps in service quality, as well as success stories about the IT team, both of which are needed for continuous team improvement.  Additionally, without this analysis and feedback, you miss out on opportunities to uncover potential security risks and pinpoint high frequency tasks that require automation. 


Function: Internal Support / Help Desk

An internal help desk team utilizes a ticket management system to handle and resolve internal support inquiries and issues. After tickets are resolved, the CIO wants to ensure they are meeting the needs of the company’s employees, while supporting help desk staff, and hitting team metrics.

Integrations Supported

To view all Alchemer Workflow integrations, click here.

1. Alchemer Workflow Zendesk Initiator

2. Alchemer Workflow ServiceNow Initiator

3. Alchemer Workflow Salesforce Initiator

4. Alchemer Workflow Gladly Initiator


When a help desk ticket is closed in their ticket management system, Alchemer sends an internal CSAT survey to the employee who opened the ticket. The survey seeks to understand the employee’s level of satisfaction with the resolution provided, the effectiveness of the Help Desk agent, and any areas of improvement. 

If the employee indicates on the survey that they’re not satisfied with the resolution, the IT team receives a message to follow up with the employee, with the immediate action assigned to the team member who worked on the ticket. 

Reports in Alchemer consolidate information from ticket management systems and across multiple surveys. This helps IT leadership visualize an employee’s journey with the help desk and pinpoint bottlenecks, potential automation opportunities, and security threats. 


1. Continuous Improvement

An active feedback loop helps IT leadership identify areas for improvement and plan internal trainings. Leadership also uses the feedback to identify team member successes, leading to improved team morale and knowledge sharing benefits.

Business Impact: Reduction in IT team turnover

2. Improved Employee Satisfaction

The immediate dispatch of the internal CSAT survey serves as an instant quality check that helps leadership quickly spot outages or security issues. 

Business Impact: Minimized business disruptions and faster time-to-resolution. 

How to Build This Use Case

Survey Component  

1. In Alchemer Survey, create the following survey:

  • A CSAT Survey for employees who used the IT Help Desk.  Here are some example questions:
    • On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with the overall quality of service provided by the IT help desk?
    • How would you rate the responsiveness of the IT team in addressing your technical issues or requests?
    • Did the IT team effectively resolve your issue or request in a timely manner?
    • How easy was it to communicate your technical problem or request to the IT help desk?
    • Were you satisfied with the level of communication and updates provided during the resolution process?
    • Did the IT team meet your expectations in terms of resolving the issue/request? 
    • How likely are you to recommend the IT help desk services to a colleague or another department?
    • Is there any specific feedback or suggestions you would like to provide to help improve the IT support services?
    • Add any additional questions that will help you get a better understanding of employee experience.

  • A survey asking Help Desk Agents how their experience was resolving the ticket. Here are some example questions:
    • How would you rate the overall ease and clarity of the issue reported by the employee?
    • Did you feel equipped with the necessary resources/tools to effectively resolve the issue?
    • How satisfied are you with the solution you provided for the reported issue?
    • Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced while resolving the issue? If yes, please specify.
    • Did you encounter any gaps in your knowledge or training while handling this ticket?
    • Do you have any suggestions or feedback to enhance the Help Desk support process based on this experience?
    • Add any additional questions that will help you get a better understanding of agent experience.

Workflow Component  

1. In Alchemer Workflow, create a new Workflow. Name the Workflow "Employee Help Desk Feedback Workflow." Hit "Next."

2. Select a Workflow initiator. In this use case, we want to initiate the Workflow when a help desk ticket is marked "Closed" in ServiceNow.

For configuration details on the Alchemer Workflow ServiceNow Initiator, Refer to this document,

In this example we are using ServiceNow, but there are other initiators that could be used for this use case:

2. Next, add a Survey Invite step that will invite the employee, whose ticket was closed, to take the Help Desk CSAT Survey.

3. Add a Survey step for the Help Desk CSAT Survey.

4. Add another Survey Invite step that will invite the agent, who resolved the ticket, to take the Help Desk Agent Experience Survey. 

5. Add a Survey step for the Help Desk Agent Experience Survey.

6. Add a Slack or Teams Step to pass along these survey results to IT Management. In the message body, include Merge Codes for the survey questions from both surveys. 

7. If the employee indicates in the Help Desk CSAT Survey that they are not satisfied with the resolution, we want to send a message to the Help Desk Agent letting them know. To do so, add an If/Else Logic block. 

8. For the If condition, select the Help Desk CSAT Survey. Then choose the question "Did the IT team meet your expectations in terms of resolving the issue/request?". Select is "is one of the following answers" and then check "No". 

9. If this condition is met and the employee is not satisfied with the resolution, we want to send a Slack or Teams message to the Help Desk Agent, letting them know that they need to follow up. 

10. If this condition is not met and the employee was satisfied with the resolution, the Workflow run ends. 

Example Workflow


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