Alchemer Workflow Zendesk Initiator

The Zendesk initiator is included with Alchemer Workflow. If you are interested in purchasing Alchemer Workflow, please contact us for additional information.


Alchemer’s Zendesk initiator is a powerful solution that combines customer feedback and support management.  

With this integration, support tickets generated in Zendesk can automatically trigger targeted Workflows, collecting valuable customer feedback at key touch points, while keeping internal stakeholders informed.  

Why Zendesk and Alchemer?

Zendesk complements Alchemer Workflow by blending the power of a Workflow feedback engine with your customer support and ticket management system.  

With Alchemer and Zendesk you and your team can:  

  • Initiate a Workflow when a ticket is created or updated in Zendesk 
  • Initiate a Workflow when a ticket is updated in Zendesk.
  • Initiate a Workflow when a ticket is created in Zendesk
  • Initiate a Workflow when a new comment is added to a ticket in Zendesk. 


  1. Create a new Workflow.
  2. Name your Workflow.
  3. In Alchemer Workflow, select the Zendesk button when choosing your Workflow initiator.
  4. Select the Zendesk event that you want to use as your Workflow initiator.
  5. Hit next on the initiator overview screen.
  6. Select an authenticated Zendesk account or authenticated a new Zendesk account. You will need your Zendesk subdomain, App ID, Organization ID, and Marketplace name to complete the authentication.
  7. Click the “Finish” button to complete the Zendesk initiator step. Then click “Save”.  


 What permissions do I need within Alchemer to set-up and use the Zendesk initiator?

1. The Integration Manager Permission is required to set-up and use the Zendesk initiator. If you don't have this permission you will see the following message when selecting an initiator:
2. To check if you have this permission or grant this permission to someone on your team, go to the left-side product navigation and select the Account drop-down, then click on the user management tab.
3.  Then select the Users tab under User Management.
4. Click your username or the username for another member of your team.
5. Scroll down to the Permissions section and check if the Integration Manager box is checked. If you are an admin you can check the box for other members of your team.

 Can multiple Workflows initiate off the same Zendesk initiator?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of Workflows that listen to the same initiator. However, you will need to create a new Workflow and configure the initiator each time. You can reuse the same Zendesk authentication.  

 This initiator doesn't fit my use cases, or I want to provide feedback to the Alchemer Product Team!

Alchemer is committed to continuously releasing updates and enhancements to our Workflow initiators. If you have specific use cases, questions, or just general feedback, we would love to hear it. Contact us here!

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