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Alchemer Workflow Integrations and Initiators

Learn how other systems and tools can integrate with Alchemer Workflow.

Alchemer Workflow Use Cases

Discover how Alchemer Workflow can help your organization overcome business challenges.

Release Notes

Information on application releases in Alchemer for all three products.


Getting Started with Alchemer Workflow
Alchemer Workflow is a product that was purpose-built to help organizations act on customer feedback and close the feedback loop with their customers. It is a no-code feedback workflow engine that connects feedback to your teams
How to Schedule Reminders in Alchemer Workflow
Sometimes Alchemer Workflow users require multiple respondents to participate in the workflow in a linear way (or a series of responses from the same respondent). This is common for approval workflows. When a workflow user sends a survey invitation...
How to Export Survey Response Data From Alchemer Workflow
Alchemer Workflow Exports allow you to combine data sets and view how a single person responded across all surveys in a workflow.
Alchemer Workflow Standard Reports
The reporting feature for Alchemer Workflows provide a single summary report across all surveys and forms included in a specific workflow.
List of All Alchemer Workflow Initiators
With Alchemer Workflow you can initiate Workflows in response to all events identified in this article.
Using Merge Codes with Alchemer Workflow Integrations
Once configured, many external systems can pass custom or pre-set fields over to Alchemer Workflow. You can use these fields in merge codes, logic, and other Workflow features.