Popular Tools to Take Your Survey to the Next Level

Are you looking for new ways to take your surveys to the next level? Alchemer is a treasure trove of tools to help you do just this! Below we will introduce some popular tools experienced Alchemer users use to create amazing surveys that wow their customers and colleagues alike.

Create a Quiz to Score Responses

Using a Alchemer quiz you can create a pass/fail or magazine-style tally quiz – both of which score responses in real time and give the respondent a score when they finish. Use quizzes to evaluate job applicants' qualifications or for personality assessments.

Learn how to Create a Quiz or Record a Quiz Score for Each Page.

Quiz Score Notification

Send an Autoresponse Email

The Send Email action allows you to send an email at the completion of your survey to respondents, colleagues, yourself or anyone else you see fit to notify! You can use the Send Email action to send your survey respondents a quick thank-you message, a follow-up on a negative customer experience, or simply mail a copy of the survey results to yourself... and that's just scratching the surface.

This action gives you the flexibility to customize what is sent, from a simple notification of a survey response, to a full PDF review of responses with links to any uploaded files.

Check out our Send Email Action Tutorial to learn how to take advantage of this handy tool!

Use Survey Logic to Reduce Respondent Fatigue

Alchemer logic features allow you to customize your survey for each respondent, saving them time and you from bad data. Logic can be applied to questions, options, pages, and actions.

Check out our Question Logic and Page Logic tutorials to get started!

Set Up Answer Option Special Settings to Eliminate Bias in Your Data

Using Special Settings on answer options you can provide survey respondents with the ability to opt out of a question when it does not apply to them. You can set up answer options such as "None of the above" or "Not applicable" so that other options cannot be selected in tandem. Other Special Settings allow you to collect other, please specify info, fix the position of an option when randomizing and more! Using Special Settings will eliminate bias in your data!

Check out our Answer Options Special Settings tutorial to learn how to set up Special Settings!

Special Settings Example

Share Your Survey with a Alchemer Email Campaign

Our Share by Email option, a.k.a Email Campaigns, is so much more than a way to send a survey invite via our email system! Using our Share by Email option you can easily track whose response is whose! This is because when you send a survey invite out via our Share by Email option, the links provided to your contacts are unique survey links that will map to the email address as well as any other contact data you uploaded into your Email Campaign.

Additional benefits of email campaigns:

  • Save and Continue - Because each survey link is unique, respondents will be able to return to their response to complete at a later time! (This is the default setting for Email Campaigns. You can disable Save and Continue within your Email Campaign to allow for multiple responses to be submitted via any campaign link.)
  • Duplicate Protection - With Save and Continue turned on within your Email Campaign (this is the default setting), respondents who click the link a second time will return to the same response, thus preventing them from recording more than one!

Check out our Share Survey via Email tutorial as well as our tutorial on Using Email Campaign Contact Data in Messages and Surveys to learn more about the prepopulation options available when you use email campaigns!

Use Merge Codes to Personalize Each Respondent's Survey Experience

Alchemer merge codes can be used throughout Alchemer to dynamically pull and display data previously entered in your survey or data from your account, email invitation, etc. The name "merge code" might sound scary but, thanks to the merge code helper, available throughout the Alchemer application, using merge codes in your surveys and email campaigns is easy!

Check out our Merge Code Tutorial to learn how to take your survey to the next level with merge codes!

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