Getting Started with Alchemer Survey

These tutorials will take you from start to finish building your first survey.


Take a Tour of Alchemer Survey
If this is your first time, this is the best place to start. Get your project off on the right foot! Learn about common survey terms and how the application works.
Using Alchemer Help Documentation
In this tutorial we will cover how to take advantage of Alchemer's Need Help menu to get the answers you need, when you need them.
Create a Survey in Alchemer Survey
Begin at the beginning! This short slide deck will walk you through the steps of creating your first survey. Learn how to add pages, select question types and add answer options.
Create a Form
A Form project is essentially the same as a Survey. To create a form, navigate to the Alchemer home page. Click the arrow next to the Create a Survey button to see the additional types of projects.
Create a Poll
Polls are a quick and interactive way to ask a single question of your website visitors. You can also choose to display realtime results to your respondents!
Question Types Guide
Did you know Alchemer has 43 different question types? Don't be overwhelmed though; this guide covers each question type, what each looks like, and when to use them. Review the below list of question types, starting with the basic and most commonly-used question types and ending with the most advanced. Visit each question's full tutorial linked below to learn more.
Need Help Choosing Your Question Type?
Upon creation, questions will default to the Radio Buttons question type. This commonly-used type of question allows respondents to select a single choice from a list. If this question type doesn't fit the bill for the question you are asking you can select a different question type from the question type dropdown menu.
Add a Question
Upon creation, questions will default to the Radio Buttons question type. This commonly-used question allows respondents to select a single choice from a list. Your next task is to select the question type you wish to ask.
Create a Yes / No Question
Click Add New Question at the bottom of the page. When the question editor panel opens, Radio Button will be selected by default in the Question Type dropdown menu.
Set Up a Question to Allow Multiple Answers
Learn about the various Alchemer questions that allow you to collect multiple answers. This can be accomplished via checkboxes, open-ended questions, and Custom Groups!
How do I set up a question so that respondents are required to answer?
Looking to require that respondents answer a given question? You can do this in three simple clicks. Edit your question. Check the Require this question option. Save Question.
How Does Each Question Report?
Alchemer has 43 different question types Depending on the question you decide to use to collect data in your survey, you will get a different default reporting element within the Standard Report.
Add or Remove Page Breaks
To insert a page break, simply hover where you wish to split your pages and click the Page Break button.
What Is a Thank You or Terminal Page?
You will notice that the Thank You Page has fewer options for adding new elements to the page. Most notably, you cannot add questions to the Thank You Page of the survey.
How Do I Save My New Survey?
Web-based applications like Alchemer save progress along the way, often without the need to press a button that says "Save."
Reorder Questions
To move a question, click and hold the crosshairs icon on the far right of your question. Then simply drag your question to its desired location and release.
Reorder Pages
To reorder pages, click the crosshair icon at the top right-hand corner of the page. A new panel will slide out. Next, using the arrow icon, click, hold and drag the pages into their new order.
Reorder Answer Options
To reorder answer options within your question, edit the question via the Build tab. Click and hold the arrow icon on the far right of the answer option and drag it to its desired location.
Popular Tools to Take Your Survey to the Next Level
Below we will introduce some popular tools experienced Alchemer users use to create amazing surveys that wow their customers and colleagues alike.
Features for Our International Customers
Below, find a list of features and services customized or built specifically for our international customers, including data centers in the EU and Canada.
Getting Started With Logic
Alchemer logic features allow you to customize your survey for each respondent, saving them time and you bad data. Logic can be applied to questions, options, pages, and actions. In this tutorial we'll get you started using logic. We'll cover the most common scenarios for using logic, the best tool for each scenario and how to set it up!
Getting Started with Alchemer
Welcome to Alchemer! Hit the ground running by learning how to configure your account, how to create and share your first survey, how to access and analyze your data, and more!
Getting Started with Dynamic Surveys
When we refer to dynamic surveys, we are talking about any survey that changes based on the respondent and/or the answers they provide while taking the survey.
Getting Started with Alchemer Terminology
As with any new tool, you may come across features or terms that you are not familiar with. This guide aims to introduce you to some common Alchemer terms that you may not have previously come across.
Alchemer Glossary
We strive to make things as plain and easy to understand as possible. But, with the breadth of our features and functionality, there are a lot of things to know. We never want you to feel left out in the dark; that's why we created this glossary.
The Notification page allows users to stay up to date with the most recent changes in folders and users' accessibility to them on an account.
Standard Theme
The Standard Theme provides an optimal user experience for the platform. By switching to the Standard Experience, one has the best and most accessible view to the features and functionality that the platform provides.
Customizing Your Alchemer Profile Picture
Here is the process for customizing your profile picture that displays in the Alchemer dashboard.  To customize your Alchemer profile picture you must have a Gravatar account. Your email address for both the Alchemer and Gravatar accounts m...