Answer Option Special Settings: Not Applicable, None/All of the Above

Special Settings Example
Special Settings Example: None of the Above

Providing survey respondents with the ability to opt out of a question when it does not apply to them will eliminate bias in your data. Using our Special Settings, you can set up answer options such as "None of the above" or "Not applicable" so that other options cannot be selected in tandem. Other Special Settings allow you to collect other, please specify info, fix the position of an option when randomizing, and more!

Available Special Settings

All answer options with special settings will automatically stay at the bottom of the list of options unless you select Fixed and move it to the desired location. This is true even with randomization enabled.

Other/Other - Required

  • This special setting adds an "Other - Write In" textbox field to an answer option. There is also the option to require this option.
  • Compatible Question Types:

Not Applicable

Exclusive/None of the above

  • Answer options with this special setting cannot be selected with any other answer option
  • Compatible Question Types:

All of the above

  • Create an "All of the above" answer option and select this special setting so survey takers can mark all options in one click
  • Compatible Question Types:


Checked By Default

  • Answer options set to be checked will display as selected when survey takers first land on the question
  • Compatible Question Types:


  1. Edit your question and click the pencil icon next to the answer option.
    Edit Answer Option
  2. Select the special setting you would like to apply from the Special Settings dropdown.
    Choose a Special SettingFixed and Checked also display under answer option settings accessed via the pencil icon for each answer option. For row headers (grid questions), fixed will display in the same location.

    For Radio Button Grids or Checkbox Grids, click the pencil icon to access the special settings for Column Headers.
  3. Once you have made your selection, make sure to click the Done button in the bottom-right.


How will answer options be ordered when using multiple special settings in a single answer list?

If you are using multiple special settings in a given answer list, the answers will be ordered in whatever order you place them.

What about answer option randomization? Will answer options with special settings be randomized?

Yes, answer options with special settings will be randomized. You can use the fixed setting in addition to other special settings in order to prevent an option from being randomized.

Are there special settings available for Dropdown Menus?

Unfortunately, special settings cannot be applied to Dropdown Menu questions. Fortunately, the Dropdown Menu can be switched out for a Radio Button question if you wish to use special settings. If you're looking to add an other textbox to a dropdown menu check our this workaround.

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