Alchemer Survey and Workflow Integrations

Learn how to plug Alchemer into your existing online tools and systems to eliminate redundancy and automate daily processes.


API Reference
This feature is available to enterprise customers. If you are interested, please contact us for more information! Using the Alchemer API, you can build surveys, manage audiences, share surveys, get responses, and more! Visit our Developer Res...
Custom Email Settings: SMTP, DKIM, & SPF Records
To enable using a custom From Address in Email Actions and Email Campaigns, you must either send from your own SMTP server or configure your domain with SPF and DKIM records.
Learning Records Store (LRS/LMS) Integration
Looking to set up activities like surveys and quizzes that send data to your LMS or LRS? Using our Learning Managment System/Learning Record Store Integration you can push survey and quiz activity...
Add Integrations and Actions to Your Account
Using Integrations and Actions you can leverage Alchemer surveys to do so much more than simply collect data. Now you can add on integrations and actions that are not included in your plan.
Set Up DKIM & SPF Records
Configuring your domain with DKIM & SPF Records enables the use of a custom From Email address in Alchemer Email Actions and Email Campaigns.
Send a Text Message from Your Survey
If you want to send a respondent a text message upon completion of a survey, we can show you how! We'll be using the respondent's phone number combined with an email address gateway that is unique...