Using Merge Codes with Alchemer Workflow Integrations

Alchemer Workflow integrates with numerous external systems. Once configured, many of these systems will pass custom or pre-set fields over to Alchemer Workflow. You can use these fields in merge codes, logic, and other Workflow features. 

This article walks you through where to find these merge codes and how to use them in Alchemer Workflow. There are other ways to use the merge codes that external Alchemer Workflow integrations provide, these are just a few of the most common use cases. 

The following examples are for the Alchemer Workflow Asana integration. Please consult the documentation for each integration to view available merge codes or read instructions on how to pass custom fields.

Survey Invite and Send Email Steps  

In the editor for Survey Invite and Send Email steps, you can add merge codes to the:

  • From Name
  • To Address 
  • Email Body 

Upon clicking the "Select a Merge Code," you'll find a list of Integration Fields available for selection under the Workflow tab.

After you insert a merge code it looks something like this: 

If/Else Logic 

You can also use merge codes in If/Else Logic conditions. This is a great way to take personalized or targeted actions when certain conditions are met in your external system. 

After adding an If/Else Logic block to your Workflow, click "Add Condition". Under the "Select Step" drop down, choose "External Listener". 

Click the pencil icon and create your logic conditions. 

Connection Steps

You can also add merge codes to Connection steps, like Salesforce Push, Microsoft Teams, or Slack. This a great way to pass information from an external system to your CRM (Salesforce) or pass information to stakeholders and teams (Slack and Microsoft Teams). 

Here is what a Slack step looks like when merge codes are added from Asana: 

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