Alchemer Workflow PeopleSoft Initiator

The PeopleSoft initiator is available for purchase as an add-on. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us for additional information.


PeopleSoft is a suite of applications that mid-sized to large companies incorporate as a workforce management solution. This integration facilitates the distribution of surveys in areas such as employee satisfaction, onboarding, training, and benefits, enhancing data-driven decision-making, boosting employee engagement, and automating time-consuming HR processes through Alchemer's robust Workflow and survey capabilities. 

With PeopleSoft and Alchemer, you and your team can:  

  • Integrate Alchemer Survey and Workflow capabilities into your PeopleSoft processes and flows by initiating a Workflow in Alchemer when defined events occur in a PeopleSoft application.

The PeopleSoft initiator uses webhooks. You can call the initiator from anywhere in PeopleSoft where you are able to make HTTPS calls to a webhook.


1.  Create a new Workflow. 2. Name the new Workflow. 

3. Select PeopleSoft as your Workflow initiator.

4. Select "PeopleSoft Custom Webhook" then click "Next." 

5.  Hit "Next" on the initiator overview screen.

6. Copy the provided webhook URL. You will need this URL to configure the webhook in PeopleSoft. 

7. In PeopleSoft, create the webhook that, once fired, will initiate your Workflow in Alchemer. Complete the following: 

  • Set the endpoint to the webhook URL supplied by Alchemer. 
  • Select POST or GET as the method.
  • Add fields that you want Dynamics to pass to Alchemer Workflow as query parameters or in the body as JSON.

8. Return to Alchemer Workflow, and define what Custom Fields Alchemer should accept. When done, click "Add to Custom Field".

The Custom Field names must exactly match the field keys in PeopleSoft that you added as query parameters or in the body as JSON.

9. Click "Save" to complete the initiator. 

Merge Codes

When the webhook fires, PeopleSoft will pass any custom fields to Alchemer Workflow. After configuring this initiator, you can use these fields in merge codes, logic, and other Workflow features.

For more information on how to use these merge codes in your Workflow, check out this article.


 What permissions do I need within Alchemer to set-up and use the PeopleSoft initiator?

1. The Integration Manager Permission is required to set-up and use the PeopleSoft initiator. If you don't have this permission, you will see the following message when selecting an initiator:
2. To grant this permission to someone on your team, go to the left-side product navigation and select the Account drop-down, then click on the User Management tab.
3. Then select the Users tab under User Management.
4. Click the username for another member of your team.
5. Scroll down to the Permissions section and check if the Integration Manager box is checked. If you are an admin you can check the box for other members of your team.

 This initiator doesn't fit my use cases, or I want to provide feedback to the Alchemer Product Team!

Alchemer is committed to continuously releasing updates and enhancements to our Workflow initiators. If you have specific use cases, questions, or just general feedback, we would love to hear it. Contact us here!

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