Alchemer Release Notes: May 5, 2022

Below is this week's log of fixes and improvements:


[Update] – Added enhancements to the Account Summary page for Account Administrators to bring all-new usage metrics, collected across your entire account, together in one place. Account Administrators will gain new visibility into how Alchemer is used throughout their organization, ensuring they get the most value out of what they purchased.  Learn more

[Update] – Updated the layout of the download modal for Standard Reports so that it's easier to select your preferred download format. Learn more 

[Update]Access Logs for Account Administrators now show more detailed information about surveys that have been transferred across accounts.

[Fix] – Special characters in PDF encryption passwords is fixed so that users can open an encrypted PDF that was attached to a Send Email action. 

[Fix] – Pagination on surveys with more than five pages is fixed to display correctly.

[Update] – The htmltopdf function in Lua script now supports additional paper sizes including Letter.

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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