Alchemer Release Notes: May 2024

Alchemer Survey 


[Update - crosstab reporting] - Hidden values are now selectable within crosstab reports and elements. 

[Update - crosstab reporting] - Contextual help added to the cells and statistics drawer. 

[Update - crosstab reporting] - Time taken filter removed from crosstab reports.

[Update - crosstab reporting] - Users can now search by grid question in the crosstab builder UI.

[Update] - Translation field no longer overlaps when the page title or description is too long. 

[Update] - Fixed security issues identified by our security team that allowed unwanted scripts to execute in unexpected areas of the application.

[Update] - Email deliverability improvements. 

[Update] - Improvements to chart appearance in Word reports.


[Fixes - crosstab reporting] - Fixes for p-value calculations in crosstab reports.

[Fixes - crosstab reporting] - Fixed a crosstab builder issue that occurred when URL variables were in responses. 

[Fixes - crosstab reporting] - Column proportions display as expected.

[Fixes - crosstab reporting] - Segmenting by response status saves as expected after page refresh.

[Fixes - crosstab reporting] Column % calculations function as expected for multiselect question types. 

[Fixes]Fixed intermittent issue with Video Sentiment question type in Individual Responses.

[Fixes]Fixed an issue where pie and bar charts were not displaying in PDFs.

[Fixes]In the Report Builder, the data filter icon displays correctly now.

[Fixes]Edits to report width now save as expected after refreshing the page.

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