Alchemer Release Notes: May 26, 2022

Below is this week's log of improvements and fixes:


[Update] – Added more enhancements to the Account Summary page for Account Administrators to bring all-new usage metrics, collected across your entire account, together in one place. Account Administrators will gain new visibility into the total number of response collected, total number of users, total number of active teams, and Sub Account metrics (if an account has sub accounts) ensuring they get the most value out of what they purchased.  Learn more

[Update] – Added total response counts by survey to the Download Survey List CSV fileLearn more

[Update] – Added new security settings to report sharing so you can control who has access to shared reports. You can now add IP Whitelisting and link expiration dates when sharing a report. Learn more

[Update]Account Administrators for enterprise accounts can now apply an account-wide security setting to shared reports. The Security page now includes a setting that when enabled will require that all new shared reports be password protected or accessed by only logged-in users. Learn more

[Update] – Users can now enable answer option filtering on shared reports so that stakeholders can view subsets of data, giving them more clarity so they can make more informed decisions. Learn more

[Update] When generating a new Standard Report for a survey with open text questions, both the Word Cloud chart and the Collapse Open Text Response Tables options will be deselected by default. This improves report generation and update time for surveys with open text questions. Learn more

[Update] – The Modern Theme has been discontinued, and all accounts and profiles still on the modern theme were moved to the Standard Theme. Learn more


[Fix] – Improved the speed of the surveyresponse API. 

[Fix] Fixed an issue with custom email settings using SPF and DKIM.

[Fix] – Fixed an issue with SMS and Email campaign reminders.

[Fix]Fixed an issue so that date submitted now accurately reflects the time at which a response was last submitted.

[Fix]Fixed an issue with contact list uploads.

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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