Alchemer Release Notes: May 25, 2023

Alchemer Survey


[Update] – Alchemer Survey now supports audio sentiment and video sentiment question types for iOS devices. 

[Update] – Alchemer Survey customers can now move surveys or projects in and out of the "Unfiled" folder so that it is easier to manage surveys.  

[Update] – When testing your survey in preview mode, toggling “Fire Actions” to Off will now prevent all types of survey actions from firing during the test. New types of actions now controllable by this toggle include result chart, hidden value, review, quiz score, section navigator, page timer, payment, LMS/LRS connect, Power BI connect, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, social media, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Slack. 


[Fix] – Fixed an issue with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that made it impossible to change the password without disabling MFA in some cases.

[Fix] – Fixed an issue with reports for question library elements that caused the report to not include all responses for the element in some cases.

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] – When testing your workflow, toggling “Run Survey Actions” to Off on your Survey Listener step will now prevent all types of survey actions from firing during the test.

Alchemer Mobile 


[Update] – Alchemer Mobile customers can now use a new API call to access all stored data and make data deletion requests.  

[Update] – Alchemer Mobile customers can now view and filter Google Play ratings by country in your Dashboard. This will allow you to view and filter your ratings data and trends by specific countries.

[Update] – Added the ability to copy the App Key, Signature, and Signing Secret. This is now available in the Alchemer Mobile dashboard under SDK Tokens. 

[Update] –For Alchemer Mobile customers using Cordova, Flutter, and/or Xamarin development frameworks, you now have access to the latest features and improvements we’ve made with the 6.0 SDK, including Accessible OOTB designs, Response Targeting, and additional layers of customization. 

[Update] – Added customer authentication in iOS SDK 6.2. This improves data privacy with user identity management for instances when multiple users share the same mobile device. 

[Update] – To enhance the security of customer accounts and data, we have shortened the account session timeout from 72 hours to 30 minutes of inactivity.

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