Using Logic in a Workflow

If/Else Logic

Like Alchemer Survey, If/Else Logic can be applied to workflows in Alchemer Workflow. If/Else Logic orchestrates what subsequent steps are taken according to defined conditions.  

If/Else Logic Requirements:

  • You cannot set logic on a Share Link. 

  • You cannot place If/Else Logic Step inside another if/else logic block. 

  • Action steps must live inside the if/else logic block to only fire according to conditions (otherwise everyone in the workflow will receive that step). 

  • If an action does not meet logic conditions, nested steps will be skipped, and the recipient will continue on with the workflow. 

Follow these steps to add and edit an If/Else Logic Step:  

  1. Drag an If/Else Logic step from the Step list onto your workflow timeline.  
  2. Click the teal “+” sign next to “If” to add a condition that had already happened in the workflow. Example: If a respondent answered a certain way to a survey question in a survey already in your workflow.  
  3. Select an available step. Example: A survey that is already part of your workflow.  
  4. Add a condition for that step.  Example: The recipient answers question #5 a particular way.
  5. Click on the button “Save Logic”  
  6.  Drag steps inside the logic block that will trigger if the conditions are met.  Example: Stop the workflow for participants that answered question #5 a particular way. 

Alchemer Workflow supports multi-conditional logic and multi-survey logic.  

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