How to Stop a Workflow

To stop respondents from moving through a workflow, either for all respondents or just a particular group of respondents, add a Stop Step.  

Stop Steps can be placed anywhere in the workflow and will stop respondents from going through subsequent steps. 

If you would like add a Stop to all workflow recipients then:  

  1. Simply drag the Stop Step, from the Steps list on the right side of the screen, to the end of your workflow.  
  2. Then save and publish.  

If you would like to add a Stop for just particular respondents: 

  1. Add an If/Else Logic Step to your workflow. Click here for more details on how to add If/Else Logic to a workflow.  
  2. Specify the condition, that if met, would stop the workflow for those specific respondents.  
  3.  Underneath the condition, in the outlined area of the If/Else Logic Block, either drag a Stop Step or click and add a Stop Step.  
  4.  This will stop the workflow for any recipients that meet the outlined condition within your If/Else logic block.  
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