Building a Workflow

Learn how to build a workflow.


Adding Workflow Steps
The Build Tab is where you will build a workflow. You can access the Build Tab by creating a new workflow or clicking into an existing workflow.
How to Schedule Reminders in Alchemer Workflow
Sometimes Alchemer Workflow users require multiple respondents to participate in the workflow in a linear way (or a series of responses from the same respondent). This is common for approval workflows. When a workflow user sends a survey invitatio...
Workflow Versioning
As you create and edit workflows, new versions of the workflow are created each time you click publish.
Sending Survey Invites and Surveying
Survey Invite Step The Survey Invite step of a workflow is how surveys are delivered to respondents. The Survey Invite step functions like a typical  email campaign within Alchemer  and has similar customization and functiona...
Sending Emails through Alchemer Workflow
The Send Email Step sends an email notification to an identified recipient. This recipient could be a customer or an internal stakeholder, like a member of your customer support team.
Using Logic in a Workflow
Like Alchemer Survey, If/Else Logic can be applied to workflows in Alchemer Workflow. If/Else Logic orchestrates what subsequent steps are taken according to defined conditions.
How to Delay Workflow Steps
Sometimes it is advantageous to add a delay in between workflow steps. This helps to stagger workflow steps and creates a more natural experience for recipients.
How to Stop a Workflow
To stop respondents from moving through a workflow, either for all respondents or just a particular group of respondents, add a Stop Step.
Using Merge Codes with Alchemer Workflow Integrations
Once configured, many external systems can pass custom or pre-set fields over to Alchemer Workflow. You can use these fields in merge codes, logic, and other Workflow features.