Alchemer Release Notes: October 27, 2022


[Update– To ensure compliance with SMS Campaign regulations and increase deliverability and reliability of SMS sends, we have updated our SMS Campaign product. 

1. You will now be asked to read and acknowledge the following SMS Campaign guidelines the first time you create an SMS Campaign.

  • Your campaign must include opt-out messaging and identify your organization as the sender. 

  • You must have received opt-in consent from your contacts prior to sending messages to them. 

  • Messages can only be sent within working hours (11AM to 9PM EST for recipients in the United States and Canada). 

  • Phone numbers for all contacts must be capable of receiving SMS (cannot include landlines). 

  • If your campaign has high opt-out rates or error rates, we may temporarily suspend your account’s SMS privileges. 

2. There are also now reminders of these guidelines displayed at relevant points throughout the SMS Campaign creation process. Learn More

3. You will also not be able to schedule or send SMS messages during the prohibited hours using send now, thank you and reminder messages, or scheduled messages. Learn More

[Update] – A new type of Microsoft Team Card Action is now available to those who have purchased the Microsoft Teams Integration. You can now add custom links as card actions on your Microsoft Teams Message. These links can be static links, or customized using merge codes.  Learn More

[Update] – Various updates have been made to the functionality of the Microsoft Teams Integration. Learn More

  1. You are able to add up to 5 card actions per message.
  2. Character limitations on open text fields have been set to 500 after the translation of merge codes.
  3. The Webhook URL pattern will be validated to ensure that it includes "https" and "". If these criteria are not met, you will be unable to save the action.
  4. The Microsoft Teams Integration will now be visible in the Data Connectors list as well as in the Action Menu for all users.

[Update] – A modern, monochromatic pre-built theme will be applied to all reports by default. Report builders can select this theme within the pre-built theme library. All previously available pre-built themes have been removed from this library. Any previously available pre-built themes will remain applied to existing reports. Learn More


[Fix] – Emails sent through SMTP now appropriately deliver to addresses in the BCC field.

[Fix] – Deployed a bug fix to ensure proper SMTP Verification functionality.

[Fix] – When accounts have a private domain with SSL cert, sharable link appropriately begins with HTTPS as opposed to HTTP.

[Fix] –  Deployed a bug fix to ensure PDF downloads of reports function appropriately when segmentation is applied. 

[Fix] –  Deployed a bug fix to ensure email campaigns can be sent at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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