Alchemer Release Notes: October 30, 2023

Alchemer Survey


[Update]  Images will crop instead of stretch when added to image-based questions using the new mobile optimized survey theme. 


[Fixes]  Fixed an issue with URL variable elements in Standard Reports.

[Fixes]  – Fixed an issue where special characters in SMTP integration passwords were causing email delivery issues. 

Alchemer Workflow


[Update] – Launched five new Alchemer Workflow initiators. Alchemer Workflow customers can now initiate Workflows off of events in Braze, Gladly, Kustomer, Shopify, and Slack. Learn more.

[Update] –  Added the ability to change the workflow initiator after you've created the workflow.

[Update] – Initiators are now displayed in alphanumeric order.


[Fixes]  – Fixed scrolling issues on the Initiator selection screen.

[Fixes]  – Fixed an issue so all external initiator fields correctly show up in If/Else blocks.

[Fixes]  – Fixed an issue so clicking Reset Changes no longer changes the workflow activation state.

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