The Notification page allows users to stay up to date with the most recent changes in folders and users' accessibility to them. Notifications are triggered when folder permissions change for users within an account.

Special Considerations

The following actions create messages on the Notifications page:

  • losing visibility to a folder which contains projects that a user has access to.
  •  gaining access to see a folder a user was previously unable to see.
  •  Team Managers receive notifications for all changes they did not make within a folder
  •  Admins receive notifications for all changes they did not make within a folder. 

The Notifications center for the platform is displayed by a bell in the top right corner of the dashboard to the left of the Help dropdown:  

Clicking the bell icon brings users to the notifications center: 

Here the Notifications page displays the amount of notifications that are unread in the account, and highlights messages in a light green while also displaying an unopened envelope under the status column.

When a notification has been read, the envelope changes to opened, and the specific notification changes to a white background: 

Selecting the vertical ellipsis to the far right of a specific notification allows one to mark a notification as read, unread, or deleted depending on if the message is opened or not. 

The vertical ellipsis at the top to the right of Status allows users to globally mark all notifications as Read, as well as an option to bulk delete all notifications on the page

Clicking each option on the top toolbar (Message, Date, Status) sorts notifications top or bottom down depending on which option is clicked.

Sorting is also accomplished by selecting the Sort By dropdown menu to the left of the search bar. At the bottom of the notifications page, navigate through the pages of notifications by clicking the arrows or the specific page one would like to see. 

Click Show Deleted Notifications to view notifications that have been marked as Deleted:

When on the Deleted Notifications page, users can view all notifications that were marked as deleted. 

If a notification needs further review, select the vertical Ellipsis to the right of the status icon of a trash bin, and choose the Move to Inbox option:

Click Back to Inbox to navigate back to the notifications home screen. 

Once all notifications have been opened or read, the dropdown displayed when clicking the bell icon shows a message letting users know all messages have been reviewed: 

Special Considerations:

  • When a user loses visibility to a folder that contains a survey they have been provisioned access to via User Management settings, the project is displayed under the All Surveys view of the dashboard.
  • Account Administrators receive notifications for all changes that they did not make. 

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