Alchemer Workflow Asana Initiator

The Asana initiator is included with Alchemer Workflow. If you are interested in purchasing Alchemer Workflow, please contact us for additional information.


Alchemer's Asana initiator is purpose-built to enhance Workflow efficiency and facilitate feedback collection within your project management processes. 

With this integration, Alchemer Workflow actions can automatically trigger when you complete milestones in Asana. This connection ensures that your projects stay on track and feedback is collected, without the need for repetitive manual actions.

Why Asana and Alchemer

Asana is a great complement to Alchemer Workflow, combining the strengths of a Workflow feedback engine with your project management system.  

With Alchemer and Asana you and your team can:  

  • Initiate a Workflow when an Asana milestone is completed


Connecting your Alchemer account with your Asana account is a quick process and can be completed when you create a new Workflow and select Asana as your Workflow initiator.  

  1. Create a new Workflow.

  2. Name your Workflow.
  3. After creating a new Workflow, select Asana as your Workflow initiator. 

  4. Choose the Milestone Complete event.
  5. Hit next after the Asana initiator overview page.
  6. Click the “Add a new account” button and authenticate an Asana account or select an already authenticated account.

  7. Name the new authentication and click the “Create” button.
  8. In the pop-up window that displays, click the “allow” button to connect Alchemer to your Asana account. This step will occur automatically if you are already logged into Asana. 

    The Alchemer and Asana integration uses to connect to the two platforms, so the pop-up window will mention specifically. You can read more about and Asana here.
  9. Select your Asana Workspace. Most companies will only have one Workspace.
  10. Next, choose the Asana Project for which you want to monitor milestone completions. 
  11. Click the “Finish” button to complete the Asana initiator step. Then click “Save”. 

Merge Codes

When the webhook fires, Asana will pass the following fields to Alchemer Workflow. After configuring this initiator, you can use these fields in merge codes, logic, and other Workflow features. 

 For more information on how use to these merge codes in your Workflow, check out this article.

 Fields for Asana initiator - Cart Abandoned 

Asana | Custom Field | Customer Email

Asana | Event Trigger User | email

Asana | Event Trigger User | gid

Asana | Event Trigger User | name

Asana | Event Trigger User | photo

Asana | Project | archived

Asana | Project | color

Asana | Project | completed

Asana | Project | completed_at

Asana | Project | created_at

Asana | Project | current_status | author | gid

Asana | Project | current_status | author | name

Asana | Project | current_status | author | resource_type

Asana | Project | current_status | color

Asana | Project | current_status | created_at

Asana | Project | current_status | created_by | gid

Asana | Project | current_status | created_by | name

Asana | Project | current_status | created_by | resource_type

Asana | Project | current_status | gid

Asana | Project | current_status | modified_at

Asana | Project | current_status | resource_type

Asana | Project | current_status | text

Asana | Project | current_status | title

Asana | Project | current_status_update | gid

Asana | Project | current_status_update | resource_subtype

Asana | Project | current_status_update | resource_type

Asana | Project | current_status_update | title

Asana | Project | default_access_level

Asana | Project | default_view

Asana | Project | due_date

Asana | Project | due_on

Asana | Project | gid

Asana | Project | modified_at

Asana | Project | name

Asana | Project | notes

Asana | Project | owner | gid

Asana | Project | owner | name

Asana | Project | owner | resource_type

Asana | Project | permalink_url

Asana | Project | public

Asana | Project | resource_type

Asana | Project | start_on

Asana | Project | team | gid

Asana | Project | team | name

Asana | Project | team | resource_type

Asana | Project | workspace | gid

Asana | Project | workspace | name

Asana | Project | workspace | resource_type

Asana | Task | actual_time_minutes

Asana | Task | assignee

Asana | Task | assignee_status

Asana | Task | completed

Asana | Task | completed_at

Asana | Task | created_at

Asana | Task | due_at

Asana | Task | due_on

Asana | Task | gid

Asana | Task | hearted

Asana | Task | liked

Asana | Task | modified_at

Asana | Task | name

Asana | Task | notes

Asana | Task | num_hearts

Asana | Task | num_likes

Asana | Task | parent

Asana | Task | permalink_url

Asana | Task | resource_subtype

Asana | Task | resource_type

Asana | Task | start_at

Asana | Task | start_on

Asana | Task | workspace | gid

Asana | Task | workspace | name

Asana | Task | workspace | resource_type

Using the Customer Email Merge Code

After adding and configuring an Asana Initiator, you can also utilize a list of Asana specific Merge Codes to pass information from Asana to Alchemer Workflow. These merge codes can be used to dynamically pull and display data from Asana into Workflow steps, like Send Email or Survey Invite.

In addition to the standard Asana fields available to choose from as merge codes, you can also select the 'Customer Email' field as a custom field. This merge code listens for a custom field labeled as 'Customer Email' in your selected Asana project.

You can use this merge code to pull in customer email addresses from Asana, and use that data in Workflows to send emails or surveys to specific customers. 

What does this look like in practice? Let's say you want to create a customer feedback Workflow that automatically sends check-in surveys to your customers after you complete project milestones on client projects.

The "Customer Email" merge code can be used in Survey Invite steps to send emails to specific customer email addresses after you and your team complete a milestone on their project. This reduces manual work and ensures your feedback campaigns are timely, consistent, and personalized. 

Use Case 


ABC Marketing Solutions, a mid-size marketing agency, produces a high volume of client work every week and is rapidly growing. They understand the importance of a project management system and use Asana to manage client projects and deliverables. The team at ABC Marketing Solutions also values customer feedback and uses Alchemer Survey to collect feedback from their clients.  

ABC Marketing Solutions have access to comprehensive survey software, Alchemer Survey, and a project management system, but they want to improve their ability to consistently collect timely, relevant feedback throughout the project management process, for every client.   


In this scenario, ABC Marketing Solutions need to overcome the following challenges:  

  • Inconsistent Feedback Collection: Currently, client feedback is collected sporadically, making it challenging to gather timely insights at crucial project milestones. 
  • Feedback Relevance: ABC Marketing Solutions struggle to collect feedback that is relevant to the current project phase. If the feedback isn't relevant, it is challenging to make meaningful improvements during the current client engagement.  
  • Scalability: As they grow, they need a solution that can accommodate an increasing number of clients and projects, without adding additional time-consuming tasks for their team.   


ABC Marketing Solutions utilizes Alchemer Workflow's Asana initiator to start customer feedback Workflows whenever project milestones are completed for a client.   

This solution:  

Automates Feedback Collection

With the Asana initiator, they can automate the initiation of feedback Workflows whenever significant milestones are completed in Asana. This ensures that feedback surveys are sent consistently and promptly, without the need for manual triggers.  

Provides Timely and Relevant Feedback 

With automated triggers, the surveys they send to customers are always aligned with project milestones, ensuring that the feedback collected is relevant to the ongoing project phase, for that specific customer.  

Additionally, they can utilize a list of Asana specific merge codes to personalize the surveys and emails sent through the Workflow.  

Allows for Efficient Scaling

Once the Workflows are created and the Asana initiator is configured, very little needs to be done when new clients are brought on or projects are started. It’s as easy as adding new milestones in Asana for that new client project.  

This scalable process accommodates the agency’s growth path, enabling them to handle an increasing number of clients and projects, without the need for hours of manual work.  


 What permissions do I need within Alchemer to set-up and use the Asana initiator?

1. The Integration Manager Permission is required to set-up and use the Asana initiator. If you don't have this permission you will see the following message when selecting an initiator:
2. To grant this permission to someone on your team, go to the left-side product navigation and select the Account drop-down, then click on the user management tab.
3.  Then select the Users tab under User Management.
4. Click your username or the username for another member of your team.
5. Scroll down to the Permissions section and check if the Integration Manager box is checked. If you are an admin you can check the box for other members of your team.

 Can multiple Workflows initiate off the same Asana initiator?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of Workflows that listen to the same initiator. However, you will need to create a new Workflow and configure the initiator each time. You can reuse the same Asana authentication.  

 This initiator doesn't fit my use cases, or I want to provide feedback to the Alchemer Product Team!

Alchemer is committed to continuously releasing updates and enhancements to our Workflow initiators. If you have specific use cases, questions, or just general feedback, we would love to hear it. Contact us here!

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