Alchemer Release Notes: December 15, 2022


[Update] – Further visual enhancements have been made to reports to modernize the look and feel of reports including

  1. A stroke centered (white border around chart sections) has been added to pie, donut, stacked vertical bar, and stacked horizontal bar charts so that the individual sections of the chart are easier to discern. 
  2. Response counts, summary tables, and max diff reporting styles have been modernized to include a sleeker design with rounded edges.
  3. NPS® report colors have been updated to ensure consistent and professional looking reports. 

[Update] – “Your Theme Library” and “Pre-Built Themes” headings have been merged and replaced with singular “Theme Library” heading.

[Update] – Account Administrators can now set a custom Report Theme as the default theme for Standard Reports, so that all Standard Reports created after they set the default will have the selected theme applied automatically. Learn More

[Update] – A teams filter has been added to the top of the Alchemer dashboard to allow users to filter all projects and folders by teams in order to quickly determine what teams have access to what folders and surveys. Learn more

[Update] – A new default folder has also been added to the platform that contains all projects not in a user created folder. This ‘Unfiled’ folder is present on all user accounts.   Learn more

[Update– A new type of Account Webhook has been added On Response Processed Webhook. This account level response notification returns the response after it's been processed by Alchemer so that it includes the ID which can be used to make further API calls. Lean more

[Update] – Custom headers can be added to the account webhooks for security or other purposes.  Learn more

[Update] – When the “force secure links” setting is enabled at the account level, this setting will now require webhooks to utilize HTTPS for security purposes. Learn more

[Update] –  The left hand navigation menu has been updated. All projects are now listed in the Product section, on the Survey page.


[Fix] – Deployed a fix to restore reporting for the Conjoint question type

[Fix] –  Deployed a bug fix to ensure all licenses display accurately in the exported users list. 

[Fix] –  Deployed fixes to improve screen reader functionality and accessibility for visually impaired survey takers

[Fix] –  Deployed a bug fix to ensure the PDF report opens correctly when only one segment is applied  

[Fix]Deployed a bug fix to restore ability to permanently delete responses  

If you have any questions, please contact our Alchemer Support Team!

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