Can I extend my trial past the 7 days?
When creating your Alchemer account, you have the option to start a 7-day trial. On the last day of your trial you'll have an option to extend your trial.
Payment: Account Activation
During your trial period, you can click on the Activate Account button at any time to select your desired license type and submit payment.
Wire Transfers
Alchemer accepts wire transfers for payment of Annual Account Subscriptions only. Accounts will be activated when Alchemer is notified that funds have arrived in the Alchemer account. All invoice charges are in U.S. Dollars. For wire transfers or...
Billing Frequency
You will be charged one payment for an entire year of Alchemer. By default, accounts paid with a credit card will automatically renew 11 months from the date of the initial payment.
How do I pay an invoice?
If you regularly log in to Alchemer and have administrative user permissions you can pay due invoices from within the application. To do so, go to Account > Billing.
Get a Billing Invoice
Need a copy of a billing invoice for your records? Account Administrators can access invoices within the account.
Update Billing Information
Alchemer account administrators have the ability to update Account and Billing information. To do so go to Account > Account Summary. Scroll to the bottom of the Account Summary page where the con
Alchemer W-9 (W9)
Taxes! Yay! Depending on your purchasing processes, you may need a copy of Alchemer’s W-9 form.  You can download a copy of Alchemer's W-9 by clicking the below link: 2024 W9 Alchemer Inc. PDF 2024 W9 Alchemer LLC PDF ...
What happens when I do not pay?
If you miss a payment or payment does not arrive on time Alchemer will send a series of emails to the account contacts. The first email notification regarding overdue payment is triggered the day after the missed payment and is sent to the email a...
Purchase Order Policy
Alchemer accepts Purchase Orders as payment for annual Enterprise accounts. We are not accepting Purchase Order Terms & Conditions.
Request for Product Information (RFP)
We do not complete product information requests for our Alchemer | CE plan levels. If you are interested in a team solution contact our Alchemer | Enterprise representatives!
Does Alchemer offer a pay per survey billing option?
Alchemer offers only annual subscriptions. We do not offer a pay per survey option. Annual subscriptions are active for twelve months from the date of purchase.
Non-Profit Discounts
Alchemer offers a 25% discount for Individual and Team & Enterprise Accounts for non-profit organizations (an EIN is required). To take advantage of the discount, contact our support team.
Change Email Address Invoice Is Sent To
Alchemer account administrators have the ability to update Account and Billing information including the email address invoices are sent to by accessing Account > Account Summary.
Can I pay on a month-to-month basis?
Yes, Alchemer | CE Account subscriptions can be purchased monthly or annually. When activating your Alchemer account, you will see the option to select either a monthly or annual subscription.
What payment methods are accepted?
All accounts under $5,000 must be guaranteed by credit card and must be set to auto-pay. Payments can be made with a credit card within the application.
Sales Tax FAQs
Software As A Service (SaaS), may be subject to certain tax rulings across jurisdictions in the United States. A jurisdiction can include a state, city, and even a county.
Why am I being asked to fill out address information?
We need this information to ensure that your account is billed correctly and appropriate taxes and fees are applied. If you do not have knowledge of the correct address information for your acco...
Individual Accounts: Purchase Additional Users
While Alchemer Team & Enterprise accounts are tailored for collaboration among a large numbers of users, Individual users may only need to work with one or two other individuals.