What happens when I do not pay?

If you miss a payment or payment does not arrive on time Alchemer will send a series of emails to the account contacts.

  • The first email notification regarding overdue payment is triggered the day after the missed payment and is sent to the email address listed under the Billing Info section of your Account Summary.
  • After the initial email, Alchemer will send several further emails to account contacts and users over a period of several days.
  • Finally, an email will be sent to all account users indicating that the account has been deactivated.

When an account is deactivated, surveys are closed and saved along with any data and reports associated with those surveys. The account can be reactivated again when all overdue invoices are paid and any needed credit card information is updated.

If you are an Account Administrator, it is important to keep account contact information up to date in the Account Summary area of your account so that we can reach out to you in the event of a missed payment.

Please contact our support team with any questions.

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