Billing Frequency

You will be charged one payment for an entire year of Alchemer. By default, accounts paid with a credit card will automatically renew 12 months from the date of the initial payment. In these cases, invoices are made available in your account's Billing section immediately following processing of the payment.

If on a monthly subscription, you will be charged each month (the date of initial purchase and the corresponding date each subsequent month). Monthly accounts auto renew.


What happens if I downgrade in the middle of my billing cycle?

  • All non-Account Managed Alchemer accounts can downgrade, cancel, or delete their accounts within the application.
  • Enterprise account holders must contact us to downgrade/cancel. If you have an Account Manager, contact them to discuss your options.

When you delete or downgrade your Alchemer account, the change to your account status is immediate. Account payments are not prorated.

Can I pay on a month-to-month basis?

Yes, Alchemer account subscriptions (Account Managed excluded) can be purchased monthly or annually. When activating your Alchemer account, you will see the option to select either a monthly or annual subscription.

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