Get a Billing Invoice

Need a copy of a billing invoice for your records? Account Administrators can access invoices within the account.

  1. Go to Account > Billing to see a list of invoices. In addition to viewing your invoices, you can make updates to both the Billing Contact information and Payment Method here.
  2. Click on the Invoice # that you need in order to open/view the invoice (the invoice will open in a new browser tab/window). Here, you can also click on the envelope icon (under the Email column) to email the invoice, if needed. You will be asked to provide a Recipient Name and Recipient Email.
  3. Once your invoice is open, hover over the invoice to see options for rotating, downloading (PDF), and printing the invoice. These options are located in the upper right portion of the invoice. You also have the option to Email the invoice (in case someone else needs to execute payment).
  4. Scroll to page 2 of your invoice for a quick reference guide on your payment options (including ACH/Wire instructions, check payment instructions, and Alchemer's Tax ID).

Change Email Address Invoices Are Sent To

Alchemer account administrators have the ability to update account and billing information, including the email address that invoices are sent to under Account > Billing. To update the billing email address, click on the Edit link corresponding to the Billing Contact section and make the necessary changes before clicking Save.

Note: The information that you input into the Contact and Billing fields within your Alchemer account will be the exact information that appears on your invoices.

If you need to update the account Contact Information (this is different than the Billing Information), navigate to Account > Summary. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Edit link corresponding to the Contact Information section.

International Customers: If any one of these fields do not apply to you, please enter NA into the field. We apologize for the Ameri-centric from. We have long-term plans to make this more international friendly in the future!

Should you need specific information on your invoice but not necessarily on your account's Contact or Billing information (usually a VAT or a reference number), you may edit the Billing Information to temporarily reflect this.

Once you have made these updates you can download your invoice. You can then re-establish the desired Contact or Billing information within your Alchemer account.

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