Use Case: Employee Exit Feedback

Learn how Alchemer can help boost employee retention and satisfaction by gaining valuable insights from departing employees.

Think About It

  1. Would you consider the time it takes to hire and onboard employees a burden for your teams? 
  2. Do you generally understand why exiting employees are unsatisfied? If no, think about the impact of being able to address the underlying reasons for employee dissatisfaction and turnover.


  1. Feedback from departing employees is often siloed and collecting the feedback is a manual process: Employee managers are trained to conduct exit interviews, but in large organizations this feedback rarely makes it to Corporate HR Teams. Many HR teams struggle to understand why employees leave and are unable make meaningful company-wide improvements due to inconsistent feedback collection and delivery. 
  2. High employee turnover and low employee satisfaction: HR departments, like yours, and managers invest considerable time interviewing and rehiring for open positions. The strain of being short-staffed also impacts existing employees, creating a cycle of high employee turnover.


Function: Human Resources 

An HR Team wants to address their challenges in collecting feedback from departing employees. They utilize Alchemer to gather consistent and measurable feedback from every exiting employee. With Alchemer, HR collects honest feedback that exiting employees may not feel comfortable sharing in-person. They then use this feedback  to drive company-wide improvements, combat high turnover rates, and improve employee satisfaction. 


The HR Team builds an Employee Exit Workflow that automatically sends an exit survey, directly to the departing employee, when an employee-exit event occurs in their HR Management System. This solution does not require additional work from employee managers and provides a consistent process for collecting employee exit feedback. With a consistent flow of feedback, HR can identify and recommend company-wide changes to the leadership team, and then monitor how these changes impact employee turnover and satisfaction.

Integrations Supported

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  1. Alchemer Workflow Greenhouse Integration
  2. Alchemer Workflow Paylocity Integration
  3. Alchemer Workflow PeopleSoft Integration
  4. Alchemer Workflow Workday Integration


  1. Lower Turnover/Higher Satisfaction: After collecting enough exit survey feedback, you can recommend actions the company take to reduce employee turnover and low employee satisfaction. By addressing the key factors driving employees to quit, employees stay longer and are happier and more productive at work.

    Business Impact: Fewer costly and time-consuming candidate searches.
  2. Fewer Feedback Silos: With Alchemer Workflow, exit survey feedback is automatically routed to the HR team and employee managers, without the need for someone to manually send it. This reduces existing feedback silos and ensures you have the necessary feedback to make real organization-wide improvements that reduce employee turnover.

    Business Impact:  Better informed business decisions with real employee impact.

How to Build This Use Case

Survey Components 

1. In Alchemer Survey, create the following surveys. 

  • Employee Exit Survey. Here are some example questions: 
    • What influenced your decision to leave the company?
    • How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your experience working at [Company Name]?
    • Did you feel your contributions and efforts were recognized and appreciated adequately within the company?
    • How would you rate the support and guidance you received from your immediate manager/supervisor?
    • Were there any specific policies, practices, or procedures within the company that you found challenging or hindered your productivity?
    • Did you feel that there were sufficient opportunities for professional development and growth within the company?
    • How would you describe the company's communication regarding changes, updates, or decisions that affected employees?
    • What aspects of the company would you suggest for improvement to enhance the overall employee experience?
    • Would you recommend [Company Name] as a good place to work to your friends or acquaintances?
    • Is there any additional feedback or comments you would like to share about your experience working with us?

Workflow Components

1. In Alchemer Workflow, create a new Workflow. 

2. Name the Workflow, then hit "Next". 

3. Scroll down and select the Workday Initiator. In this use case, we want to initiate a workflow when a Employee Exit event occurs in Workday.

This example uses Workday, but Alchemer offers other HR focused Workflow initiators. Click here, to see a full list.

4. Add a Survey Invite step and Survey step for the Employee Exit Survey.

5. Next, we want to route the feedback to HR and the Employee's Manager. Add a Send Email Step to do so. 

Example Workflow


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