Text / Instruction Elements

Add Text/Instruction elements to your survey to provide a description or instructions. Text /Instruction elements do not collect data.

Example Text Element

When To Use It

Use Text/ Instructions to add an introduction with instructions to the beginning of your survey or at the beginning of each section of your survey. Text within these elements can also be full formatted including bold, italics, bulleted lists, etc. You can also create a hyperlink to a document or image or link to an external website within a Text/Instruction element.


  1. To add a Text/Instruction element click to Add New: Text/Media on the bottom of a survey page.
  2. Text/Instructions will be the default selected option. You can begin typing your text into the Text or Instructions field. You will notice that an editor toolbar will display.

Text/Instruction Elements Versus Page Descriptions

Text/Instruction Elements and Page Descriptions are often interchangeable, however there are a couple important differences.

First, Text/Instruction elements are their own elements on the page, as opposed to being part of the page itself, as you can see by looking at both on the Build tab below. This means that you can move it about in the survey if you need to! Page Descriptions, in contrast, will always display at the top of the page.

This also means, depending on the survey interaction you choose the Text/Instruction element might display by itself. For example, if you choose the one-at-a-time interaction, the Text/Instruction element displays by itself and the survey respondents must click the right arrow to proceed. This might be confusing to some respondents. If you are using Text/Instruction elements instead of Page Descriptions we recommend avoiding the one-at-a-time interaction or adding some instructions for how to proceed.

Text Elements in One at a Time Interaction

Finally, only Text/Instruction elements are available to display as part of PDF response downloads, including Individual Response PDFs, Review Actions, or Send Email Actions. If you wish to have text in your survey display as part of response PDFs you will want to use Text/Instruction elements instead of Page Descriptions.

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