Testing Logic In Your Surveys

We recommend adding survey logic in the final stages of your survey build. We know; it's tough to resist adding logic while building your questions but it's a good idea to hold off. Here's why.

While you, the survey builder, are intimately familiar with all the questions in the survey and how they flow, chances are you have colleagues and stakeholders involved in the survey who are a little less familiar. It is a good idea to share your survey sans logic so that your colleagues and stakeholders can see all the questions that are being asked. Be sure to explain to them that you are waiting to apply logic until all questions are approved by them.

More often than not you will be making changes to the placement of questions in your survey based on feedback from the survey stakeholders. Moving questions that are used in survey logic can break that logic. While the Build tab does a pretty good job warning you of this trouble, moving questions with logic can still lead to a lot of rebuilding and re-testing. 

Ignoring Page Logic for Testing

Even if you heed our recommendation to hold off adding logic until the later phase of your survey build, you'll inevitably run into scenarios where logic hinders testing some other facet of your survey. For this reason, we built an option to Ignore Page Logic.

This allows you to circumvent logic in your survey to more easily check for typos and test other facets of your survey.

This option will be turned on by default when accessing the Preview page within the Build tab of your survey. To turn this off, toggle the Ignore Page Logic switch at the top of the Preview page. This will only apply to this Preview session. You would need to toggle this off again the next time you preview your survey.

If you wish to test that your page logic is working properly this option is turned off by default when recording a response on the Test Tab.

Using the Test Data Generator to Test Logic

If you wish to test that your logic flows are working properly you can leverage the Test Survey Logic option within the Test Data Generator. 

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