Share an Alchemer Survey via Alchemer Digital Prompts

This feature requires both the Alchemer Survey and Alchemer Digital products. If you have only purchased one of these products and want to learn more about the other, contact us today

This article provides information on how to use an Alchemer Digital Prompt to direct customers to an Alchemer Survey, for the purpose of conducting more advanced research.

When using Alchemer Digital, there may be instances where you want to use Alchemer Survey's advanced research capabilities with an Alchemer Digital Prompt. Specifically, you may want to take advantage of Alchemer Survey's additional question types, quota features, or advanced reporting while using an Alchemer Prompt to drive customers to that survey.

Here are some use cases: 

  • You'd like to use a question type not offered via an Alchemer Digital Survey. For example, something like an Image Select question. 
  • You'd like to use advanced survey logic features offered through Alchemer Survey. For example, a logic feature like question randomization. 
  • You'd like to use some of Alchemer Survey's additional reporting functionality. For example, to set up a monthly cadence of reports or create your own Crosstab Reports.

Setup Details 

1. Create a survey in Alchemer Survey

Survey Recommendations: 

  •  Use the mobile-optimized survey theme. (This is the new default theme for all surveys)
  • Enable recurring responses in the survey settings. To do so: Tools > Response Setting > Check the box for recurring responses. 

You cannot use survey responses from this Alchemer Survey as part of Interaction Response Targeting in Alchemer Digital. However, you can target customers who click the button to open the survey via the Prompt.

2. After completing your survey, go to the Share Tab and copy the Share Link. 

3. Navigate to Alchemer Digital and create a new Prompt

4. In the Buttons section of the Prompt Builder, click "New Button". 

5. In the dropdown list, select "Open Alchemer Survey". 

6. Paste the Share Link that you copied in Step 2 into the Survey Share link box. 

Display Styles 

For Alchemer Web: 

  • You can either choose "Survey opens in new tab" or "Survey opens in current tab"
  • Default: "Survey opens in new tab"

For Alchemer Mobile:

  • You can either choose "Survey opens in new window" or "Survey opens in current window"
  • Default: "Survey opens in new window"
  • You must be on SDK 6.8 or higher to open the Survey in the current window. 

7. Click "Save and Continue" after completing your prompt. 

8. Configure the Prompt's targeting. 

For more information on setting up targeting for a Prompt, refer to these documents.

9. Launch the Prompt when ready. 

Conversation IDs will automatically be passed into your survey via a URL Variable

Using Conversation IDs as URL Variables

As a part of your survey, make sure to set up a Hidden Value Action to record the conversation ID. The hidden value will show up as part of the response data in another column. 

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