Alchemer Mobile Interactions

Learn how to engage with your customers, gather feedback, and share updates.


Alchemer Mobile Ratings Prompts
Alchemer Mobile's Ratings Prompt enables you to engage with your customers, solicit constructive feedback, and drive great ratings and reviews in the app stores
Alchemer Mobile Surveys
Alchemer Mobile Surveys enable you to collect structured feedback, in-app, from your customers.
Alchemer Mobile Group Messages
Group Messages enable you to group the people you're having conversations with, and then to proactively reach out send them messages via Message Center.
Decoupling Love & Rating Dialogs
Decoupling the Love and Ratings Dialogs on iOS and Android allows you stretch your ratings opportunities and track customers sentiment over time.
Alchemer Mobile Rating Alerts
Ratings alerts can help you monitor your App Store Ratings by setting a minimum threshold for ratings and sending you an alert email if your rating drops below this threshold.
Interactions Dashboard Explainer
A video walkthrough of how to use Alchemer Mobile Interactions, including Events and all of the ways you can talk to and hear from your customers.
Alchemer Digital Prompts
Use Prompts to notify customers about new features, provide updates regarding your app and physical store locations, or prompt customers to participate in surveys!