Alchemer Digital API

Customers using the Alchemer Digital API are limited to 100 requests per five minutes for a given IP address. This cannot be set per customer. 

The Alchemer Digital API enables you to establish an automated data feed between Alchemer and the analytical systems that matter most to your organization. It’s an ideal way to pass aggregated or trended Alchemer Digital metrics or raw customer feedback data into your CDP, data lake, martech apps, or other backend systems. By bringing Alchemer Digital data into the decision making systems you use today, you can extend customer voice across your organization and keep the right teams and stakeholders informed along the way.

The API provides programmatic access to key Alchemer Digital metrics associated to your applications and feedback received The API is organized around REST, and responses are sent using JSON by default or optionally XML. All API access is performed over HTTPS/TLS connections with a base endpoint of Through the Alchemer Digital dashboard, you can control who has API access and completely self-manage API key generation and scope.

You can view detailed endpoint documentation via SwaggerHub here.

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