Setup and Configure

Learn how to setup up a Standard Report and explore the many configuration options.


Create and Customize a Standard Report
In this tutorial, we'll overview the various reporting-building tools in the Standard Report and some FAQs about display customizations to get you started.
How do I rename my Standard Report?
Are you looking to rename your Standard Report? Click directly on the report title at the top of your report and simply update the existing title with the new title.
Standard Report: Report Options Vs. Layout & Options
The Standard Report allows you to make edits and changes in a couple of different ways, depending on the scope of the changes that you are looking to make.
Add a Question to Your Report
Adding a question to your Standard Report is easy! Simply click the Bulk Edit Elements option in the upper right of your report. At the bottom of the window you'll have an  option to Add Another Report Element . Select Question Chart from t...
Standard Report: Report on Grid Rows Separately
In Standard Reports the rows of both Radio Button Grid and Checkbox Grid questions can be reported on separately as either a pie chart or a bar chart. Here are the steps to set this up.
Change Answer Option Order In Reports
Looking to change the order of your answer options for a given question in your Report? Click Layout & Options located to the right of the element whose answer options you wish to reorder.
Compute Averages in Reports
Within Reports, averages can be computed for all single-select question types.
Standard Report: Available Statistics
There are a number of statistics that can be included in your Standard Report. Once added, statistics are available for most questions within the report.
Style Your Report
Do you need for your survey's report to correspond with your brand or perhaps your client's brand? You're in the right place; this tutorial covers the style options available in the Standard Report.
Report Themes
Once you get your report looking just right go to Report Style > Theme > Your Theme Library and click the Save Current Style as a New Theme option.
Custom Tables and the Standard Report
Custom Tables offer several unique reporting options within the Standard Report that are not available to other Alchemer question types. Order by Row or Column Custom Table questions are reported as a single element with separate charts for each...
Delete a Report
Any reports that you have created for a particular survey can be deleted. To delete a report, navigate to the Results > Reports area of your survey. Here, you will see a list of all existing reports
Run R Scripts in Standard Reports
R is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. It's used by statisticians, institutional researchers, and data scientists (among others) for modeling and visualizations.
Answer Grouping/Recoding in Reports
The Answer Grouping feature allows you to do group answer options for reporting purposes. This functionality allows you to do what is often referred to as recoding in data preparation parlance.
Top Box or Top 2 (or 3) Box Reporting
Top/Bottom Box Scoring is a very common way of reporting and analyzing scale questions. The top/bottom boxes are the highest and lowest rating points on a scale question.