Page Repeating: Use Previous Answers to Repeat Later Pages

Page Repeating Example

Page Repeating allows you to repeat pages based on answers selected in a previous survey question.

Using page repeating you can repeat a page using the answer(s) (either those that were selected or left unselected) from a previous question. In this tutorial we'll cover repeating a page based on selected answers. 

Learn about repeating pages based on unselected items.


To set up page repeating, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the target page (the page you wish to repeat).
  2. On the Repeat tab, select the question from a previous page that you wish to base your page repeat on.Page Repeating Setup

Identifying repeated questions for respondents

Within your page title and question titles, you may want to display the source question option for each repetition of the page. For example, the below highlighted portions of the question were automatically populated using a merge code.

Use Page Repeating Merge Codes

In general, this can be accomplished by using the [page("piped title")] merge code, available in the merge code dropdown menu within the editor toolbar. During survey taking, the merge code will be replaced with the answer title of the source question.

If you would prefer to use the reporting value of the answer, the merge code [page("piped value")] should be used instead. These merge codes are listed on the Repeat tab of your page for your reference.

Page Repeating Merge Codes

Compatible Questions

The source question can be one of the following question types:

Note: Page Repeating is not compatible with all survey actions, such as Quiz Score Actions. Additionally, Page Randomization is not compatible with Page Repeating. 

 Best Practice Tips

  • Test, Test, and Test again - It is always a good idea to test your surveys particularly when using more advanced features like repeating and merge codes.
  • Carefully consider the source question used in page repeating - If there are a lot of answer options, there will be a lot of data points when reporting.  A lot of data points means a lot of columns in an export which can be unwieldy at best, and impossible to download and open at worst.
  • Understand the data you are collecting - Check out our Understand Piped/Repeated Data Tutorial for more info!
  • Carefully consider the use of repeating - Review our Considerations Before Using Piping & Repeating Best Practices documentation before you choose this feature.

Making edits to your page repeating setup

If the question/s on your repeated page have collected data, you will not be able to edit the source question in your page repeating setup. This is because doing so can irreparably corrupt your data. Instead we recommend that you disable the page and recreate the page with the new piping source you wish to use.

Repeat Pages By Value

Page repeating also offers the ability to repeat the page based upon a numeric answer's reporting value, repeating the page x number of times, where x is the number reported in the question. To learn more check out our Repeat By Value Tutorial.

There is a maximum of 150 for the repeated value. If your respondents enter a number larger than 150, the following error will be returned: "Error: Maximum piped responses exceeded (150)." If a very large number is entered, they may receive a Server Error. We recommend setting validation on your textbox question to cap entries at 150 or less because that's a lot of data!


  1. How are special setting options such as Not applicable, Other, or None of the above treated in page repeating?

    NA, Other, etc. will not be used in option piping, question repeating, or page repeating. If you wish to override this, you can do so within the answer option on the source question. Click the pencil icon to edit the option and scroll to the bottom of the Settings tab and change the Always Exclude from Repeating to No.
  2. Can I exclude an answer option from page repeating?

    You sure can! If you wish to exclude an answer from being repeated, you can do so within the answer option on the source question. Click the pencil icon to edit the option and scroll to the bottom of the Settings tab and change the Always Exclude from Piping to Yes.
  3. My repeated pages are being alphabetized. Can I change this?

    Repeated pages will always be alphabetized. There is not a way to change the order of repeated pages at this time. Check out our tutorial on Alternatives to Piping.
  4. Can I set up logic off of a page-repeated question?

    While there's not a built-in way to achieve this, there is a workaround!
  5. Can I randomize page-repeated pages?

    Page Randomization and Page Repeating are not compatible.


Are you having trouble selecting a question as your source question? There are two possible reasons as to why your question would not be showing up as your source question:

  1. The question you are trying to use as your repeating source from is not compatible. The only compatible question types for source questions are: 
  2. Your source question is not on a previous page to the question you're trying to set up page repeating on. Source questions for page repeating must be on a previous page. 

Page repeating is not compatible with the Max Diff Question type

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