Email Notifications


Send Email Action: Send an Autoresponse Email
Send Email Action Example The Send Email action allows you to send an email at the completion of your survey to respondents, colleagues, yourself or anyone else you need to notify! This action gives you the flexibility to customize what is sent,...
Send Email Logic: Use Logic to Send Different Email Notifications
The ability to send an email notification for each survey response is a very popular Alchemer feature. It is often the case that responses with one set of specific answers will be sent to one pers
I would like to receive an email each time I receive a new response. How can I do this?
Are you looking to receive notifications each time someone completes your survey? We've made it super easy to stay in the loop! Simply scroll to the Thank You page and click the button to Send Me a Confirmation Email in the Getting Started...
Email a Survey Respondent a Copy of Their Response
Are you looking to send your survey respondents a copy of their response? Follow these steps. Simply scroll to the Thank You page and click the button to Send Respondent a Confirmation Email in the Getting Started Guide.  Notification ema...
Dynamically Change the Email Notification Recipient Based on an Answer to a Question in the Survey
There's a fairly common scenario that comes up when using the Send Email Action to notify interested parties of a response. Let's imagine, for example, we're collecting feedback from students for...
How do I show images uploaded to survey in Send Email Action PDF?
Images uploaded via the File Upload question show up as links in an email from the Send Email action, as well as the optional PDF review file you can attach. If you'd like to see the actual image as
How do I turn off confirmation emails?
Looking to turn off or make changes to your confirmation emails? You can stop them from sending by disabling the action. Simply click Edi t and go to the Logic tab.  Select Yes under Disable Action .  To learn more about confirm...
Send Email on Negative Customer Feedback
Instantly send a notification to your customer support team or others to alert them that a customer had a bad experience and include the details necessary to follow-up with the client.
Send Email Action Message Not Updating?
If you've updated or changed the message content in a Send Email Action and aren't seeing the changes reflected when you send yourself a test message, make sure you have updated both the HTML Message Body and Plain-Text Message Body ve...
Why are my Send Email Action emails not arriving?
When using a Send Email Action to send messages to your colleagues, your survey respondent, or other recipients, sometimes you'll find that the messages either don't arrive in their inbox or end up i
Email Authorization and Survey Security Compliance
All new Alchemer accounts created after January 25th, 2022 must be provisioned Email Action and Email Campaign authorization from Alchemer before scheduling and utilizing the email action or campaign features in the Alchemer platform. Alcheme...