Combine Related Survey Data: Report on Data from Multiple Surveys in One Report

Looking to report on data from multiple surveys in a single report? We have a reporting feature in the Standard Report that allows you to include the data from multiple identical surveys in a single report.

Say, for example, you conduct an identical quarterly survey that you set up as separate surveys. At the end of the year, you want to report on all of the data together. Using the combine related surveys feature you can set up a standard report on your Q4 survey and merge in the data from Q1-Q3.

Combined Results is not compatible with Open Text Analysis.

Setup Combined Results

  1. To set this up, create a Standard Report on any one of your identical surveys and click Combine Results located in the upper right-hand corner of your report.
  2. In the search field provided enter either the survey name or ID and select the correct survey when it appears in the menu. You can repeat this for multiple surveys if you wish.
         The survey construction must be identical. Data is combined using Question IDs - simply having a question that is worded the same across surveys will not work if the Question IDs are not identical.
  3. Once multiple surveys are added, the data for all surveys will be aggregated together in the report!Combined Reporting

Combined Reporting - Deleted Surveys

If you are using the Combined Reporting feature in Standard Reports and you delete (or permanently delete) one of the surveys or data sets that is used in the report, you will need to remove the deleted survey from the report.

Combined Report with Deleted Survey

At the top of the report, you will see the following message:

This report is combining results with a survey that has been permanently deleted. To continue, remove the deleted survey.

  1. To remove the deleted survey from the combined report, click the Remove the survey button.
  2. You will see your combined surveys. Click the red x icon to remove the deleted survey from the report.
  3. Click Close to finish. 

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