Filter and Compare

Discover the options for filtering and segmenting your data.


Filter Report Data
There are many reasons why you may not want to include all of your data in a Report. You may only want to see people who answer a specific question a certain way or data from a certain date range.
Filter Individual Questions in Your Report
In addition to filtering your entire report based on a condition, you now have the ability to apply a filter to a single report element within a Standard Report.
Date Filtering
The date filter is available right at the top of the Standard Report. Click the 'All Time'dropdown menu located just below the report title and use the calendar picker to adjust the date(s).
Compare the Data in Your Standard Report with Segments
Using Segments in the Standard Report you can compare subgroups within your data. Typically, segments are groups within your data that you would like to make comparisons across.
Standard Report: Test Data
If your survey has collected test responses via the Generate Test Responses or via manual testing, you will see a notification within your Standard Report.