Phone Support Access Code

When contacting Alchemer Support you'll likely want to grant support access to the Support team to log into your account. Doing so in advance will save potential back-and-forth and get you a speedier resolution!

Depending on your account type and user role within that account, different phone support options are available. When phoning for support, you will need to provide your phone support Access Code.

Standard Phone Support

Users on the below account types will have access to Standard Phone Support (6am - 6pm MT Mon-Fri):

  • Account Managed accounts
  • Non-Account Managed Alchemer accounts (with the exception of Collaborator)
  • Legacy accounts above Basic

Access Phone Support

  1. To access your Phone Support options, click the Need Help option in the upper right of your account.
  2. If the suggested help articles do not address your question, click No, show additional support options to navigate to the next page.
  3. Under the Phone Support section, you will see a phone number and your Access Code. Dial the number and provide your access code when prompted* to connect with one of our Support Heroes.

*If you enter your access code before being prompted, you may not get connected! Please enter your code only after you have been instructed to do so.


Why is the Phone Support option not available?

When phone support is not available, it is due to one of two things:

  • You have Standard phone support and are looking to access phone support outside of phone support hours. Standard phone support is available 6 am - 6 pm MT (Monday - Friday).
  • You do not have access to phone support due to your account/license level. See the breakdown below.

Standard Support Available to:
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Standard Email Support
Alchemer users with the following licenses:
CollaboratorProfessionalFull Access
Legacy Accounts: Basic, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus & Dedicated
Standard Phone Support
(6am - 6pm MT)
Mon - Fri
Alchemer with the following licenses:
ProfessionalFull Access
Legacy Accounts: Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus & Dedicated

@plans @grid

Basic Standard Market Research HR Professional Full Access Reporting
Free Individual Team & Enterprise
Feature Included In