Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK Release Notes

Please view our latest release notes below for Alchemer Mobile (ApptentiveKit) iOS SDK.

Version 6.8

Released on 5/29/2024

New Features

  • Advanced customer research support to show Alchemer long form surveys through prompts

Version 6.7

Released on 4/17/2024

  • Added rich text support through dashboard for Prompts and Surveys

Version 6.6

Released on 3/25/2024

  • Added Image support through dashboard for Prompts (formerly called Notes)

Version 6.5

Released on 10/31/23

New & Improved:

  • Added a Privacy Manifest to declare information on data collected by the SDK.
  • Incremented the deployment target to iOS 13.0.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Message Center now checks if it is already visible when opening in response to a push notification.
  • The close confirmation alert is now shown if an "Other" choice has been selected in Surveys.
  • Fixed a layout issue that sometimes appeared in Message Center.
  • The compose field in Message Center now clears after a message is sent, even when an autocorrect suggestion is accepted.

Version 6.2.3

Released on 8/29/23

New & Improved:

  • Enhancements and fixes to Message Center focused on accessibility and keyboard navigation
  • Log category is now “Apptentive” rather than “PointsOfInterest”

Bugs Fixed:

  • Logs now show without any redaction, even when not using a debugger.

Version 6.2.2

Released on 7/6/2023

New & Improved:

  • Context messages in Message Center now have clickable URLs, emails, and phone numbers

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue that broke VoiceOver navigation in surveys when not using a full-screen modal presentation style

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent engaging the (internal) launch event in SceneDelegate apps written in Objective-C

Version 6.2.1

Released on 5/17/2023

New & Improved

  • Added an apptentiveTint property to change the default accent color in Alchemer Mobile's interaction UI

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the [internal] exit event was sent twice

Version 6.2.0

Released on 4/24/2023

New & Improved

  • Implemented Customer Authentication features from the legacy SDK in the new SDK (See iOS Integration Reference). This allows apps with sensitive data to be shared among multiple users on a single device
  • Added async versions of Alchemer Mobile's methods with a completion handler argument for streamlined method calls from modern Swift apps
  • Added a canShowMessageCenter() method to allow only enabling/showing the Message Center feature when it can be shown
  • Added an error when an event with an empty name is engaged in order to speed up diagnosing this issue
  • Added the ability to work with multiple app key/signature pairs without deleting and reinstalling. This helps with certain test scenarios and greatly reduces the impact of accidentally releasing an app with the wrong credentials

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed button placement issues in Notes and the Love Dialog
  • Improved handling of long “Terms and Conditions” text in Surveys
  • Fixed a potential name collision between the ApptentiveKit framework and its resource bundle in CocoaPods, Flutter, React Native, and Cordova integrations

Version 6.1.0

Released on 2/7/2023

New & Improved

Bugs Fixed

  • The lower limit on selection count for checkbox questions is now enforced even when a response is not required
  • The minimum and maximum labels for range and NPS questions will now hyphenate words to fit the available space with large Dynamic Type sizes

Version 6.0.9

Released on 2/2/2023

Bugs Fixed

  • Quick fix addressing a React Native issue

Version 6.0.8

Released on 12/14/2022

New & Improved

  • Added support for Malay, Thai, and Indonesian localizations
  • Dark Mode updates across interactions for our out of box theme

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue causing some react native builds to fail

Version 6.0.7

Released on 11/9/2022

New & Improved

  • Added new customization options for Message Center

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the data migration from version 5 or earlier of the SDK to version 6.0.5 or 6.0.6

Version 6.0.6

Released on 10/20/2022

Bugs Fixed

  • Updated CocoaPods spec file

Version 6.0.5

Released on 10/18/2022

User Experience Updates

  • Removed the status label from the “Edit Profile” view in Message Center

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where encountering an assertion failure in a release build causes a crash
  • Fixed an issue where calling register before protected data is available could cause an error
  • Fixed an issue where the SDK version could be reported incorrectly
  • Fixed a spurious error message on first app launch

Version 6.0.4

Released on 9/1/2022

Accessibility Improvements

  • Improved the VoiceOver navigation in Surveys
  • Updated accessibility ability with large Dynamic Type sizes in Surveys
  • Improved accessibility contrast ratios in Surveys and Message Center


  • Enabled URLs, email addresses, dates, and physical addresses to be opened in Message Center
  • Range questions in surveys now use localized numerals
  • Added apptentiveAssertionHandler to allow changing behavior in case of a critical error (e.g. during testing)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with selection and deselection of choice questions in Surveys
  • Fixed an issue where the Message Center configuration could fail to decode due to missing required fields
  • Fixed an issue where survey Terms & Conditions truncated with a larger character count

Version 6.0.3

Released on 6/16/2022

New & Improved

  • Added additional customization properties:*
    • CGFloat.apptentiveButtonBorderWidth
    • UIColor.apptentiveSubmitButtonBorder
  • Renamed the UIColor and UIFont extension properties from apptentiveSubmitLabel to apptentiveSubmitStatusLabel (note: the old name is still present but deprecated)
  • Marked the key and signature properties on Apptentive.AppCredentials as public (to facilitate testing code that creates a credentials object)
  • Added @objc annotations to interaction UI customization parameters
  • Added appropriate guards to allow the SDK to compile for Mac Catalyst targets**

*Customization is not currently available with the 6.x SDK if you are using one of our plugins

**We recommend that your code avoid any calls to ApptentiveKit methods when running in a Mac Catalyst app, since some interactions are not currently usable in a desktop environment

Bug Fixes & User Experience Updates

  • Fixed a minor layout issue in Message Center
  • Corrected Objective-C method signatures for better backward compatibility with previous iOS SDK versions
  • Fixed an issue with using non-integer parameters in targeting criteria
  • Fixed an issue where a branding setting could cause a Message Center interaction to fail to decode
  • Adjusted the text size in range controls to allow them to display properly on smaller devices
  • Fixed an issue where setting a value for Apptentive.interactionPresenter did not set its (internal) interactionDelegate property

Version 6.0.2

New & Improved

  • Increased the contrast between the numbers and background for NPS/range inputs in Surveys
  • Increased the available space the “Thank You” message in Surveys
  • Increased the reliability of parsing interaction configurations

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the layout of extremely long messages/conversations in Message Center

Version 6.0.1

New & Improved

  • Automated messages to Message Center
  • New method available to dismiss all interactions
  • Allow custom data to be passed with events
  • Send a notification (apptentiveEventEngaged) when an event is engaged
  • Increased the contrast for survey buttons
  • Added method to determine whether an event may trigger an interaction

Bug Fixes & User Experience Updates

  • Fixed an issue with localized strings when integrating with Swift Package Manager
  • Fixed an issue where API requests were sent on every keystroke
  • Fixed an issue with CocoaPods integrations on iOS 11
  • Fixed a potential crash when setting custom person or device data
  • Fixed a crash when closing a partially-completed survey on iPad
  • Fixed a potential crash when using a swipe gesture to dismiss a partially-completed survey
  • Fixed a layout issue in Message Center when profile view is visible
  • Other miscellaneous user experience improvements

Version 6.0

ApptentiveKit is a brand new rewrite of the Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK. The framework is written entirely in Swift. ApptentiveKit’s version numbering begins with version 6.0 to maintain continuity with our legacy SDK, which was most recently released as 5.3.4. This version incorporates an updated UI (with ADA/WCAG compliant designs), as well as a variety of new features.


  • Brand new all-Swift codebase
  • Swift Package Manager integration
  • Many Swift-friendly updates, such as subscripting of custom data attributes


  • Interaction Response Targeting, allowing you to target interactions based on responses to previous interactions
  • Random Sampling, allowing you to target a random subset of customers


  • Redesigned Survey and Message Center interactions


  • Easy customization of fonts, colors, and images
  • Ability to replace entire user interface of any interaction


We have done our best to maintain API compatibility with previous versions, and made a strong effort to keep feature parity with prior versions of the Alchemer Mobile SDK for iOS, but support for a handful of rarely-used features have been postponed until later releases.

Known Issues

  • There can be a substantial delay between sending a reply to a message in the Alchemer Mobile Dashboard and the consumer’s device displaying a notification
  • The message composer in Message Center on iPad devices has a layout that can be confusing to consumers in certain configurations
  • Some methods may be marked as deprecated when no suitable alternative is present for Objective-C developers
  • There is an issue in the ApptentiveKit.podspec file that affects CocoaPods integrations with a deployment target of iOS 11 (running on iOS 11 devices). For the time being, please use the cocoapods-fix branch in your podfile:
    pod 'ApptentiveKit', :git => '', :branch => 'cocoapods-fix'

Postponed Functionality

  • Determining whether an interaction will be presented is not yet supported (queryCanShowInteraction)
  • (NS)Notifications in response to various SDK events are currently not emitted
  • The ability to programmatically dismiss any presented interactions is currently not available
  • Custom data associated with an event engagement is currently unavailable
  • Support for multiple user accounts (login/logout) is currently unavailable
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