iOS SDK 6.0+ – Native

For the iOS 6.0+ SDK: quick start and migration guides are now available.


Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK Quick Start Guide
Everything you need to know to get started with Alchemer Mobile's new iOS SDK (6.0 and later) lives in this quick start guide.
Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK Migration Guide
Looking to migrate from the legacy iOS Alchemer Mobile SDK to the new iOS Alchemer Mobile SDK (and ALSO use Cocoapods)? This guide is for you!
Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK Release Notes
Here you can view our latest release notes below for Alchemer Mobile's ApptentiveKit iOS SDK.
Testing your Alchemer Mobile iOS Integration
This document will help you verify that Events and Interactions have been properly configured within your app.
Alchemer Mobile iOS Integration Reference
This document will show you how to integrate the Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK into your app, configure it, and test to make sure it’s working properly.
Sample iOS SDK Migration Tasks
This article includes sample tasks to enter in your issue tracker for migrating to the new Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK.
Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK Interaction Customization
A guide to Alchemer Mobile iOS SDK Interaction Customization.
iOS UI Customization Cookbook
This article will share some custom designs and examples of how to translate them into Alchemer Mobile interactions.
Using Alchemer Mobile with SwiftUI
While Alchemer Mobile (ApptentiveKit) makes heavy use of UIKit internally, it can be used from apps written in SwiftUI.