Alchemer Mobile Group Messages

Groups and Group Messages enable you to group the People you’re having conversations with, and then to proactively reach out send them messages via Message Center. These messages are delivered directly to the customer in app, and are a great way to follow up on issues of common interest and/or to keep targeted groups of people up to date.

(We have more information on the Power of the Follow-up Message on our blog.)

Please note that Group Messages is currently in Beta and may not be available on all accounts.

Creating Groups and Adding People

There are two ways to get started with Group Messages:

  1. While viewing a conversation with a Person, click on the “add/edit” link under “Groups” in the right hand panel. You may then add the person to a new or existing group, as well as removing the person from any existing groups that they may be a member of.
  2. Click the “Groups” link from within the “Interactions” section of our website. You’ll be able view all of the groups you have created, create new groups, and views details about specific groups.

Sending a Group Message

Once your groups are created and you’ve added some people to them, you can send a message to the group by clicking on “Group Messages” within the “Conversations” section of our website.

For each group message you send, you can select the sender (the person that your customer should see the message appearing from), the target group, the message you’d like to send, and a title for your future reference.

When you click “Send”, the message will be immediately sent to all people currently in the group.

You can click on “Send Group Messages” to see the group messages you’ve previously sent.

Important Notes

When using Group Messages, please be aware of the following:

  • Messages are sent immediately to all members of the group and cannot be cancelled.
  • Messages are only sent to members of the group at the time the message is sent– if you subsequently add a person to a group, they will not receive any previously sent messages.
  • Group Messages will cause a notification (e.g. Push, Email) if you have them configured for your app.
  • Group Messages will not be forwarded to external integrations if you have them configured for your app (e.g. Zendesk, UserVoice, etc.). If the customer replies to the Group Message the response will, however, be sent to these systems.
  • Group Messages are supported on all versions of our SDKs that include Message Center.
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