Primary Share Link Vs. Email Campaign Links: What's the Difference?

The primary share link to your survey can be sent out anywhere anytime. Check out our Share Your Survey Via Link Tutorial to learn more! The primary share link  does not track respondent contact information by default. When using the primary share link, if you wish to track whose response is whose, you'll need to ask identifying information within the survey.   

In contrast, Email Campaigns  allow you to add specific information that you know about your contacts.  Check out our Send Your Survey Via Email to learn more!

The most important piece of your Email Campaign message is the link and how you choose to set this up. The default email campaign link will look like the link in the below example email campaign message. 

DO NOT use the primary share link in place of the email campaign link in your email campaign invites. If you use the primary share link instead of the email campaign link you will lose the ability to link the contact information to that response. An additional bonus is the merge code Link Text can be modified to read however you like; learn more in our Customize Email Campaign Link Text Tutorial!

Why am I receiving a "Warning! Your email isn't set up to track responses!" error?

If you replace the email campaign link with the primary share link or another non-email campaign link you will receive the following pop-up warning you that your link is not in the correct format to track whether or not each contact has responded. You can choose to fix all survey links, only fix certain links, or to ignore the message. 

Which option should I select?

We highly recommend selecting the option to Fix all survey links in order for your email campaign to track respondents properly.

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